Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Best (and the Oldest) May Baby!

Happy Birthday to ME!
Today is the day Mommy has been waiting for: I am officially ELEVEN years old!!!  It has been a great day!  I don't think I look a day over two!  Other than a tiny bit of gray on my chin, I am looking good!
This afternoon, Mommy gave each of us ice cream and a bone shaped cookie.  The girls had dawggie ice cream, but I received the real thing:  Breyer's vanilla.  It was even lactose free (I think that's just in case the worst happens , . . after all, I am getting OLD)!  The whole treat was delish!
Once again, Jenna swooped in for the kill.  She is seriously QUICK!!! 
Poor Dixie always misses out on the best treats. 
We looked great in our blue and green paw print party hats.  Dixie was resistant to her hat at first, but she didn't have to wear it long.  Jenna removed it with her mouth!
After eating our treats, Dixie played fetch with Mommy.  Then Mommy and I posed for pictures. 
I also helped Mommy clean up after our party . . . yum!!!
I hope Uncle Wes and Uncle Heath had a great birthday too! Here's to MANY MORE birthdays for all of us!  Woof!  Woof!

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