Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hunter's Memories: Lake Hunter

We were up early this past Saturday morning.  Mommy let Dixie and Jenna out and they wanted to PLAY!!  They came back totally soaked from the dew on the grass and had black dirt from the mulch all over their legs and bellies.  Dixie even had it on her back and head!  They were filthy, dirty dawgs!  Mommy wasn't able to take their picture because she was too worried about her carpet, but she did take a picture of the towel used to clean the girls.  Ugh!  That is some serious dirt!

All of this dirt reminds me of dirty dawg moments I used to have in Minnesota.  We were one of the first houses in a new neighborhood that connected to an older one.  The area behind our house was nothing but an empty field when my parents moved in.  By the time they moved three years later, the field had over a dozen new homes.  When construction began behind the house, there was a very low place in the corner of the yard.  We had a HUGE rock at the edge of the property as well as a blue bird house that Daddy made.  Both of these features added beautiful scenery to Lake Hunter . . . I made it look even better!

Lake Hunter wasn't a year-round part of our yard.  I mean it didn't freeze over in the winter for ice skating.  That would have been fun!  Instead, it developed when we had long, hard rains.  I used to love to "swim" and relax in Lake Hunter.  I also used to be like Dixie and addicted to tennis balls.  I would drop my tennis ball in the water just so I could retrieve it.  It used to make Mommy so mad when I was muddy (kind of like Dixie and Jenna), but she had no one to blame but herself.  It's not as if I can open the door!  Wouldn't you agree?

Lake Hunter was wonderful.  Too bad we don't have a lake in our current yard.  Or a swimming pool! Mommy doesn't want one because she knows who would be responsible for taking care of it.  Can you imagine how much dawg hair the skimmers would collect?  With three dawgs?  That would be one hairy situation!  And we'd have to keep our paws off the liner . . . that would be ruff and tuff. 

Mommy and Daddy spent a good portion of the day going through old photos of our time together.  They have about a dozen CD's full of me (and the rest of the family)!  Good times!  My eleventh birthday is one week away!  Yippee!! 

Wags and Kisses,

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