Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy Worsteenth Anniversary!

My poor parents!  This past week they "celebrated" their fourteenth anniversary.  They both say it was the worst one ever.  They are the reason we haven't blogged in a week.  They've been as sick as a dawg (whatever that means).  We've been super busy being nursemaids to them.  First, Daddy was sick with a serious cold and sinus infection that caused him to miss THREE days of work!  That is almost unheard of!  Then, just when he was starting to feel slightly better (he wasn't hacking up an entire lung anymore, just a partial one), he decided to pass on his wonderful sickness to Mommy!  Now she has some sort of crud that is causing her nose to either be stopped up or run off her face.  

I don't know for sure, but Mommy is probably taking out her inability to breathe on her students.  Lucky for them, there's only a half day Monday and a quarter day Tuesday left!  Mommy is usually counting the days until the school year is over, but not this time!  She has LOVED this year's students.  One of the other teachers told the students they were the best class she had taught in thirty-eight years!  That is a long time. Not just to be the best in that time span, but to still have your sanity after teaching that long!  [gulp]  I personally am looking forward to Mommy's summer.  That means all kinds of fun for the four of us (technically Daddy doesn't count since he's still working). 

But first, we have to make Mommy better!  Both of our parents are currently using up lots of tissues.  This is killing Jenna.  Every time she even glances at the used tissue, Daddy tells her it's SNOT happening!  She loves to eat tissues.  This is not something we taught her or that we even encourage.  You might think this is one of the reasons why Jenna didn't make it as a companion dawg, but you'd be wrong.  Hunter has this same annoying habit.  I guess it's in our DNA, but I try my best not to succumb to it.  Ever stubborn and refusing to give up, Jenna's SNOT getting it through her thick head!  That girl sure does love paper!  (I'm sure if there were ever children in our house, they could definitely say, "The dawgs ate our homework!")

So anyway, Mommy and Daddy spent their anniversary Wednesday night laid up on their individual sofas, coughing and gagging in a Nyquil induced coma.  I sure hope they are feeling better by tonight so they can enjoy their dinner reservation!  If not, maybe we can go in their place???

Hugs and kisses for many more years to come,

Mommy and Daddy in "weller" times.  Is that a word?  I'll have to ask the English teacher when she wakes up.  They would kill me if I posted a picture of their wedded bliss Wednesday night!  SNOT a pretty sight!

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