Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome 2017

Happy New Year!  This past year has crept along at times and flown by at other times.  It has been a BIG year for us.  We've moved halfway across the country and settled into a new place.  Who knows what the new year will bring us . . . only time will tell and he's not barking right now.

Speaking of barking, we've added a third dawg to our family!  And boy, does he bark.  He seems to ALWAYS have something to say!

We have the feeling that not only is he going to be barking about everything coming and going, but his slim, trim figure is going to always be that way!  [sigh]  Yes, we're a tiny bit jealous!

Mommy took the tree down this past week.  It had really dried out.  It looked beautiful from far away, but one tiny touch from a tail wag and needles rained down.  Doesn't it look sad after the ornaments are taken off?

Here's what the floor looked like after the lights were taken off.  And Mommy thought we were being cruel to the Baby Jesus earlier?  At least we didn't suffocate an angel and a shepherd!

All the Christmas decorations have been packed away and it's starting to look like winter around here (inside at least!).  Mommy is quite pleased with her very Southern mantle (cotton bolls, magnolia pods, pheasant feathers).  She wonders why this blue piece never made an appearance on the mantle in the previous house?  Please ignore Flop Ear.  He's apparently not going anywhere.

We're counting our blessings already in 2017.  After the tree hit the road, Mommy relocated our toy basket to the tree's former location.  The toys' new spot made us sit up and take notice . . . we have a LOT of toys!!!!  There is no shortage of things we can play with each day!  (And that's just one of our toy boxes!)

We hope you're already counting your blessings too.  We wish you all the best in 2017!

Happy New Year!
Dixie and Jenna

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