Thursday, December 29, 2016

Two Peas in a Pod

Do you have a sibling?   Mommy has a brother and Daddy has a sister.  There's one boy and one girl in each of their families, and the same can be said for the next generation too.  We are lucky enough to have each other!  WE ARE TWO PEAS IN A POD!

We don't always get along perfectly with each other.  There are times we get on each other's nerves (or tails), but we can usually keep the peace between us (usually).  Mommy has tried to capture our similarities over the past six months.  Not all pictures are great, but you can see how much we mean to each other.  We love to snuggle together.  And if food is being doled out, you can guarantee we'll both be waiting to accept it!

We'll let you enjoy these images from our sisterhood.  See if you can tell who's who!

It's good to have a sister to lean on,
Dixie and Jenna

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