Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Faces of Dixie

My sister Dixie is sometimes referred to around these parts as the "pretty one."  She IS a beautiful dawg, but I'm not sure one could say she's better looking than me.  After all, I'm the one they call The Supermodel!

Mommy recently took a series of snaps of Dixie's face when Dixie was seeking attention (when is she not??).  This set of pictures shows Dixie's anxious and worried looks as well as her poor, pitiful me looks.  And I guess, it shows how beautiful my sister is as well . . . [sigh]

Enjoy the many faces of Dixie!  I'll narrate from Dixie's point of view while you look . . .

Hey, you up there, notice me!  I'm down here!


Mommy, you're a goddess!  Can't you see how much I adore you?

Jenna, are you listening to me?  Daddy's nice, but not as wonderful as Mommy.
(Daddy, please note, those are Dixie's thoughts, not mine.  You know you're my man!)

I'm getting sleepy.  Maybe if I continue to plant my head here, Mommy will pet me.

I think I heard Jenna move.  Hurry!  Pet ME before she comes over and ruins it all!

Whew!  So glad that's over!  I'm not sure if you or I will recover from being inside my sister Dixie's head.  My sister can be a sweetie, but she can be fierce too!  You just never know which face of Dixie you're going to get!

Sisterly love,

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