Monday, January 9, 2017

Our Little Sheldon

Do you ever watch The Big Bang Theory on CBS?  If you do, you're very familiar with the character of Sheldon.  To say Sheldon has a bit of OCD is putting it mildly.  He must eat certain types of food on certain days, can't knock on a door unless he knocks in three sets of three, and he must sit in the same spot on the sofa any time he's in the living room.  To sit in another chair is unthinkable.

We seem to have a Little Sheldon on our paws here at the house.  Now that Mommy is allowing us to hop on the sofa again, Dixie is reverting to her old ways.  Dixie is channeling Sheldon!  She must sit in the same spot on the sofa every time.  It doesn't matter if Mommy, Grandma, or I am already sitting in HER SPOT.  Dixie will give you the stare down until you cave and get out of her way.

She can become quite agitated if you ignore her.  Mommy tries to coax Dixie into another spot on the sofa or to a place on the floor, but once Dixie has it in her mind, you can forgettaboutit!

This is HER SPOT!  Dixie doesn't care if you settle on top of her or beside her.  Just let her have it!

Yes, that's me getting comfy on top of Mommy.   My parents say I don't understand personal space.  I'm not sure what they speak of.  Mommy was sleeping, so she didn't mind.  Dixie was in HER SPOT on the right end of the sofa, so she didn't care either!

Dixie doesn't mind lying on top of Mommy either.  As long as the majority of Dixie's body is in its rightful place, she's good!

Don't let this look fool you.  Dixie may look sad and lonely, but trust me, she's in her Happy Place!

We're telling you all this in case you visit one day.  If you start feeling the hairs on the back of your neck twitch and sense you're being stared at by Dixie, you're probably right!  Especially if you're in HER SPOT!


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