Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Dog's Purpose

Mommy has big plans for the weekend!  She'll be queuing up for tickets to see A Dog's Purpose, the movie based on the best selling book by W. Bruce Cameron.  We aren't sure if there are enough tissues in the world to get her through the movie, but she says it's going to be worth it.  At least she's hoping it will be.  She hasn't read the book, but she says the title alone is enough for her.

She's made us into movie stars by adding us to a mock up of the movie poster.  Which one do you like best?

For reasons I cannot comprehend, Mommy could not find the perfect picture of me for the poster.   She apparently didn't have that many good full-on face pictures of me (her words, not mine).  How can that be???  I'm beautiful!  She kept trying and trying different angles and still isn't totally happy with the results.

Mommy thinks her favorite is Jenna (minus the tiny piece of grass hanging from her nose).  And of course, Mommy couldn't leave Hunter out.  He's the original reason for Mommy's dawg crazy mentality.  But he happened for so many more wonderful reasons too!  She says Jenna's poster is actually tied with Hunter's in her mind.

Are you planning to see it?  Mommy says Jenna and I will have to wait for the DVD.  Why can't we go with her??


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