Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas Memories

Christmas is over already?  Yep, it's been almost two weeks now, but don't you wish you could go back and re-live it?  We sure do!  We had Grandma and Poppa visit with us for a whole week over the Christmas holiday.  We LOVE having them here!  This was me on the first morning after their arrival!  YIPPEE!  Good morning, Poppa!

It's great to have two extra people in the house . . . that's two extra people to rub our bellies!

Two extra people might notice how malnourished we are and toss us an extra treat to snack on!

On Christmas morning, my sister and I were the first ones to awake.  With no children in the house, Mommy says there's no need to get up super early.  She says that, but she's right there with us.  After fixing coffee, turning on Christmas music, texting family and friends in earlier time zones, and sniffing out potential presents, we were allowed to wake up the family!

As Daddy opened his gifts, he started decorating me with all the ribbons and bows from his packages. He had me pretty well covered and then started on Jenna.  Since we're "tied up in string," does this make us "a few of his favorite things?"

Jenna and I enjoyed a few crazy runs through the house on Christmas morning!

All this excitement really wore me out!  I had to escape the madness and crash in the laundry room.

During their visit, Mommy took Grandma and Poppa around the town and to nearby attractions so they could see where we lived and get to know the area.

It was a great week, and we were sad to see them go.  Hopefully they'll come back soon for another visit.  After all, they bring great toys when they come!

Still living the Christmas dream!
(and Jenna too)

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