Monday, January 30, 2017

A-Chew for Me

Do you remember what Jenna put on her list for Santa?  She wanted to visit the Kleenex factory and take a tour complete with samples.  That hasn't happened yet.  I personally think it's because she didn't include me too!  I also like tissues.  I'm just not as obsessed as she is.

Usually when Mommy offers a piece of paper to Jenna, she offers one to me too.  I usually politely decline the offer, but sometimes I surprise her and take it.  That's the key Jenna.  Don't be predictable; keep 'em guessing!

I don't take the paper to eat it.  I use this tiny piece of paper as a way of torturing my sister.  I carry it around with me just so Jenna can't have it.  Recently Mommy snapped these pictures of me trying to avoid Jenna's jaws as she made a move to get my paper.  Please note, I'm so talented I can carry a tennis ball too!

I can even sleep with paper in my mouth as my sister looks on longingly.  Acting oblivious is the ultimate torture for her!

Usually the paper just sits in my mouth until it disintegrates into nothing. THAT really bothers my sister!

Most of the time I just carry the paper around until something better to nibble on comes along.  When it comes to paper or a treat, I'll ditch the paper every time.  [sigh]  Yes, Jenna swooops in and makes her move at that point, but it was worth it to make her sweat for a few minutes!

Sisterly Issues . . . er, Tissues!

PS: Mommy and Daddy had their first date TWENTY-ONE years ago today!!  (Well, SHE says they did.  HE says the date is tomorrow!  Who do you believe??)

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