Friday, January 13, 2017

First (and Only??) Snowfall of the Season

Make no bones about it, we LOVE snow!!!  We truly thought we would not see snow this year in our new location, but we were pleasantly surprised last Friday when we received about an inch of snow.  We admit, that's NOT much, but trust us, it's more than we hoped for!  Mommy worked that day, but she definitely made time to play with us outside when she got home.  It was so much fun and a great reminder of our time at our last house.  (An additional two feet of snow would've been a better reminder of our previous location, but we'll take what we can get.)

I was so super happy, I was barking up a storm so everyone would know how excited I was by this turn of events.

Jenna was happy too!  The snow gives her a bit of a beard on top of her muzzle to match the one on the bottom!

Once Mommy went inside, we went berserk running around chasing each other in our tiny back yard.  Mommy said she could hear us having fun from inside and came to the window to watch.  She took these pictures through the blinds.

Although temps were in the 70's the first half of this week, there's a chance of more snow tomorrow.

Crossing my paws and keeping an eye out for that first snowflake to fall . . .

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