Saturday, July 9, 2016

What's Happening?

We apologize for our silence during the past month.  Other bloggers sometimes say "life" took over when they go on hiatus.  We had something a bit more drastic happen . . .

There is something seriously strange going on!  A man and two women showed up early Monday morning and began to put all of our belongings in cardboard boxes.  Don't we NEED those things???  What will we do without them?  Are we making a large donation to charity?  Did we win the lottery and we're planning to buy all new things?

We had to stay in our crates part of the day despite the fact that BOTH Mommy and Daddy were home.  What did we do to deserve this???

A few times we were allowed to come out and visit.  Thankfully everyone loved us.  Can you blame them??  We didn't get in the way at all!

Mommy took us outside to play throughout the day as well.  She kept saying we were going to miss this.  What's she talking about?

When those nice people left, it looked like this at our house:

Wonder what will happen next?  
 Dixie and Jenna

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