Saturday, June 11, 2016

Treats, Anyone?

Mommy made us homemade treats recently.  She followed this recipe  from another blog she found on Pinterest.  Sort of.  She wasn't very exacting, even though she was baking.  She says she's trying to use up items in the pantry.

She started with whole wheat flour left over from making our Christmas treats.  Then she moved on to some applesauce she had bought for herself at one point when she thought she might try to bake something that was gluten free. (She finally just decided to stick to box recipes for that.  Why re-invent the wheel if someone is already doing it for you?)  She also used maple syrup because she isn't exactly making herself a lot of pancakes lately.  Daddy only likes them occasionally.

All of these items were in the original recipe along with baking powder, flour, water, and old bananas.  We seem to always have bananas.  The recipe didn't call for OLD baking powder, but that's all we had, so in it went!  I wonder if these treats would have turned out differently if our baking powder hadn't expired two YEARS ago, but we'll never know.

Here's what they looked like before baking:

And here's what they looked like after baking:

I promise you, they DID bake for almost 25 minutes!  Look closely at that banana; it's been baked!

I know these treats don't look that great, but they were YUMMY!!!!!!!   So good in fact, Mommy made another batch as soon as we finished these.  They looked the same as the first.  Maybe she'll break down and buy new baking powder soon and then we'll know if that makes a difference.

Until then, happy baking!

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