Sunday, July 17, 2016

It's HERE!

Remember that large blue and white truck that took off with our things?  Well, it's HERE!!!!  It arrived after almost TWO WEEKS!  Mommy and Daddy lived on an air mattress in our new house for that time.  They used two packable bag chairs to sit in and a large cooler as their coffee table.  Thank goodness they brought our crates and beds in the car.  Even though Mommy and Daddy were a bit uncomfortable, we weren't!

That truck didn't have nearly the road space here as it had at our last house.  See that green grass?  First, it's probably a miracle it's actually green considering the climate we now live in and second, that's all we have in the way of a front yard!!!!  Our space here is SUPER TINY!  Where oh where is our big yard????????  Why did we have to leave it?????  Mommy says although she misses our old house and her friends, this move was an answered prayer, so we would have to take our complaints to a Higher Power!   [sigh]

This house is a bit smaller than our last house and it doesn't have a basement.  Do you know how much stuff our parents stored in our basement???  A LOT!!!!!!  When the truck left, there were boxes EVERYWHERE!!!!!

There was only one small path in the garage from the front to the back.  Mommy's pretty sure she will NEVER park in there!

We were very excited when Mommy found our outdoor dawg beds in all the boxes.  She put them outside on the patio for our relaxation pleasure and to give us a sense of home.  It's not the same, but it's the thought that counts.  [sigh]

Mommy began the long, grueling, unpacking process.  She broke all of her fingernails all the way down from tearing into boxes.  She also had bruises all over her legs and arms from running into boxes and carrying boxes through the house.  She even gave herself a black eye!  She bent over to pick up something in the garage and hit herself in the eye with the pole attached to the American flag that was waiting to be hung and lying on top of boxes.  She didn't allow us to post a picture of that!

The good news is that Mommy's finished unpacking!!!!  We are finally settled into our new house.  (The garage is still in progress, but it's looking MUCH better.)  We aren't quite settled into our new yard.  Of course, it's a small yard, so it won't take long!  Or we may never be settled into our new yard.  It's going to be tough to get over the wonderful, BIG, green yard we had at our last house . . . sigh.

We'll share more pictures of the new house eventually.  So glad we're up and blogging again!
Dixie and Jenna

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