Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Path of Opportunities

We're walking every morning around 7AM.  We walk about 3-4 miles each day.  We LOVE to walk!  I think we'd like it better if we weren't forced to wear our pinch collars, but Mommy reminds us that it only hurts when we pull in the opposite direction!  Doesn't she understand all of the GOOD stuff is in the opposite direction???

It's fairly cool in the mornings when we're out walking, but we still get HOT!  Who wouldn't while wearing a black fur coat in the middle of summer?   Several yards along our route have a sprinkler system, and of course early morning is a good time to run those sprinklers.  We don't really like to play in the sprinklers, but we DO like to lap up the water that collects in the edge of the driveways.

We do this for a couple reasons.  First, we need to cool off.  We cool off our feet and we lap up the water to drink.  Second, birds like to cool off in that water too.  And you know what else they tend to do in the water?  Poop!  We've developed a taste for bird poop lately much to Mommy's dismay.  Don't blame me.  Jenna started it.  I just picked up the bad habit from her.

We also enjoy our morning walks because of the rabbits we see along the way.  We used to have cottontails in our old yard, but the rabbits here tend to be BIGGER!  Mommy refuses to let us run after them.  The rabbits at our old house used to bolt as soon as they saw us.  These rabbits think they can perform magic.  They like to hunker down in the grass and try to disappear.

On another morning, Mommy captured pictures of these rabbits!  Can you see them?  I can't believe they don't see us coming and hop away.  It's probably a small miracle we don't hear their hearts beating or they don't have a heart attack!  (Mommy calls this nearby area the "normal" neighborhood.  It has normal size houses, normal size yards, and has trees!!)

It's so much fun to spot the rabbits along the way.  If only we could chase them.  [sigh]  Maybe one day!


PS: Happy 280th birthday to Uncle J!!!!!  You're definitely getting OLD!  May you live a long, happy life full of opportunities!

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