Thursday, July 21, 2016

New Place, New Vet

Since we've moved, we've had to find a new vet.  Ugh!  It's so frustrating to have to find someone new to take care of you.  Someone you can essentially trust with your life.  We're still mourning the passing of our beloved Dr. Stoneback from two years ago.  We've been through LOTS of vets in the past two years.  We went from having one vet to a group of vets taking over his practice.  We grew fond of them, but it wasn't the same and now we have to start all over again!

Mommy went online to read reviews of the many local practices and chose one she thought would be best.  Then she scheduled a time to take both of us in to meet the new vet.  We were due for a few vaccines to keep us up to date.  She should have taken us to our old vet BEFORE the move, but . . . instead she apparently thought the torture of meeting someone new would be good for us.

Actually, the experience was much worse for Mommy than for us.  The new practice is close to our house and is open until 10PM!!!  That's great should we have some sort of emergency.  What Mommy didn't realize was that the new practice was in a strip mall type of area.  Do you know how difficult it is to get both of us out of the car in a tight space??  We don't either, but Mommy wasn't thrilled with this trip from that moment on.  We were both very well behaved in the waiting room (seriously, we were), but the doctor was running about thirty minutes behind.  Nothing sets Mommy on edge like someone being late.

This new vet practice is large and has several doctors.  EVERY practice Mommy looked at online was the same way.  We are SURE we'll see a different doctor the next time we have to go . . . at least we'd better!  Mommy was less than impressed with the young doctor (girl) we met.  According to Mommy, the vet had the handshake of a fish, never introduced herself, and was probably almost half Mommy's age!  For those reasons alone, Mommy was NOT impressed!

I really liked her because she had squeeze cheese in a can she kept squirting on the floor for us to lap up while she checked us out.   Mommy said on the one paw she thought this was a cool idea, but on the other paw who knows what kind of contagious germs might be on the floor of the vet office.  Do they scrub those floors between patients?  Mommy thinks not!  I don't really care so long as the cheese keeps coming my way!

Perhaps the best part of the visit (besides the endless cheese) was that I am still the reigning SUPERMODEL!  I weighed in at 45 pounds and my sister Dixie weighed a whopping 46 pounds!  Whoo hoo for me!

So, the point of this post is that we have made a vet contact, we hope to make a better one next time (or else Mommy will be forced to continue the search), and that I reign supreme!  Wish us luck with the vet.  Of course, wish us more luck that we don't need to see the vet again any time soon.


PS: Happy Birthday Mommy!  Hopefully there won't be any vet trips in your day!

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