Sunday, July 24, 2016

Look What the Wind Blew In!

Last week Mommy got to experience her first dust storm.  She was outside watering plants despite the fact that it looked like a big storm was brewing.  There were huge dark clouds and it was thundering and lightning.  Daddy thought it was going to rain so he went inside.  Mommy wasn't sure.  It frequently looks like it will rain here and then it'll blow over.  She had plants she'd just purchased and didn't want to take a chance with them in the heat. 

She noticed the wind was picking up and at first thought it was just the storm approaching.  She started looking in either direction of our house and noticed the sky was changing from dark to red!  As in red dirt flying!  She was very excited and ran inside to tell Daddy a dust storm was coming.  He'd seen this strange phenomenon before since he's been living here since Easter, so he wasn't impressed. Mommy grabbed her camera to record the moment.  This might be something she regrets since she had to take a shower afterwards!  She had dust all over her, her clothes, and in her hair!  Ick!  But you know Mommy, she loves to take pictures!

It doesn't look like much in the pictures, but it was quite a sight in person.  Or so she says.  She didn't allow either of us to go outside with her.  Probably a good thing since she almost lost her balance at one point.  We'd have been flying in the wind like Toto in The Wizard of Oz!

There wasn't anyone outside taking pictures of Mommy, but she probably looked like this . . .

 Daddy says give Mommy a bicycle and it would look more like this . . . 
remember who Miss Gulch turns into??

But we digress.  Here's what the dust storm looked like:

 One end of the street . . . and the other . . .

And then it was over!  The whole thing probably lasted less than fifteen minutes! 

And it NEVER rained that day!

This dust storm was pretty amazing to Mommy, but it wasn't as bad as a haboob!  Wonder if we're going to experience one of those one day?

Dixie and Jenna

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