Friday, July 15, 2016

Road Trip

What's the longest road trip you've ever taken?  We bet it's not as long as ours!  After a traumatic two days of watching our things being packed up and toted away, Mommy and Daddy loaded us both up in the car.  That's strange because the four of us are hardly ever in the car at the same time.  It's only happened a few times and that's when Mommy and Daddy are headed to the airport and the drop off to the kennel is on the way.  We thought surely one of us must be seriously ill for all of us to be headed to the vet together.  That's where most of our road trips take us.

But this road trip was different.  The car was packed with the four of us, our crates, beds, a suitcase or two, and a few other items.  We started heading in the opposite direction of the vet.  We drove and drove and drove.

And kept driving and driving and driving . . .

 Check out Dixie's "breath" on the window.  She loves sitting up and watching the world go by.

Look at Jenna sleeping on the snack food!  She's showing a great deal of restraint, isn't she?

We didn't stop traveling for two days!  Well, we did stop at a hotel for the night.  That was a new experience for us.  You'd be surprised at all the hotels that allow dawgs.  We stayed at a Fairfield by Marriott.  Mommy says when they made a similar road trip with Hunter over ten years ago, their only option was a Red Roof Inn.  (Still, no one's talking about WHERE we're going!?!?)  We got to ride on an elevator in the hotel.  It was a bit scary at first with that feeling of movement beneath our feet.  But after going up and down several times to go outside to potty, we were pros.


Mommy brought an extra sheet to put on the bed for us, but Daddy told us to sleep on the floor.  Slumber party pooper!  [sigh]  The next morning when they woke up, Mommy found Dixie on the floor and Jenna on the sofa in our suite (the only room available).  

Let's go!  Time to roll!

The hotel had a breakfast bar, but we weren't allowed to partake of it.  They also had bunny rabbits outside, but Mommy wouldn't let us chase them.  I guess we had a good time at the hotel, but it could have been better . . . sigh.

The next day was more of the same.  We drove and drove and drove.  The only thing that changed was the scenery.  The land grew flatter and flatter. 

Dixie looks like she's face planted in a food bowl, but in reality she's leaning over behind the tote.

  We put our heads together several times to try to figure out where we were headed . . . 

TWENTY-SEVEN HOURS later, we arrived at our final destination.  We've MOVED!  Why didn't anyone tell us that was happening?  We could have said our proper goodbyes and enjoyed our yard a while longer.  Our new yard is well . . .

More on that later,
Dixie and Jenna

PS: Happy birthday to Cousin S today.  We missed Cousin K's and Cousin A's birthdays a couple weeks ago.  Sorry about that.  We thought about you; we just couldn't write about you.  We were a bit preoccupied . . .

PPS: For the most part, our parents split the driving duties.   We were hoping they would allow us to drive, but that didn't happen.  Thanks to Aunt K for trying to give them a hint.  I bet we could have made the trip fly by!

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