Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What's Happening? [Part 2]

On Tuesday, a group of men showed up with a LARGE truck and started putting our boxes of stuff on the truck.  Where are you taking our sofa?  Where is our toy box going?  We need those . . .


Daddy helped out with the packing of the truck too!

The men stayed ALL day!  From 8 AM to 10PM!!!   Where are they taking our things????

Because those men took our belongings away (to who knows where??) we had no bed to sleep on.   Well, Mommy had the foresight to keep OUR beds, but not hers!  Thankfully our neighbors loaned our parents an air mattress for the night. 

Seriously, what do you think all of this means????  If you see a large blue and white truck loaded with dawg toys, please call the police.  HELP!

Dixie and Jenna

PS: Happy Birthday to our Daddy!

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