Thursday, July 28, 2016

Yard? What Yard?

Some people say we are spoiled and I guess they're right.  We do live a GREAT life!  But what I've come to realize since our move to a totally different part of the country is that our YARD spoiled us!  (Go ahead and admit it; that wasn't what you were thinking of when I said spoiled was it?)  We had almost an acre and a half at our last house.  We measure our yard now in square feet!  It's soooooooo tiny compared to the previous yard.  We also had wonderful grass that looked nice and green.  Our parents had worked hard (as well as paid others to work hard) to make our yard what is was.

Remember this?

[sigh]       [sigh]      [sigh]      Those were the good ole days . . .

Now we have this:

A privacy fence that prevents us from seeing the world walk by . . . although it does NOTHING to prevent us from HEARING the world walk by!   Hmpf!  Can you comprehend the kind of chaos that causes???

And a tee tiny yard that barely allows room for me to run and retrieve the frisbee.  It's preposterous!  Mommy has already thrown the frisbee over the fence!  I'm sure that was just the first of hundreds of times!  See that tennis ball?  We don't actually throw it; Dixie just likes to walk around with it in her mouth!  And do you know why???  Because there's no place to throw it!  Not to mention bare spots in the yard, sandburs (aka goat heads), and lots of places where the grass just isn't green!  Mommy told us she met a lady who had lived here for five years and she said this was the greenest she'd ever seen it!  NOOOOOOOO!!!   Please say it ain't so!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are up in paws about this situation.

And to make matters even worse, there are no dawg parks (or dog parks either!).  This is a crisis.  We need action!

Any suggestions?

PS: More to come on those goat heads . . . 

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