Monday, August 3, 2015

Enjoy it While You Can . . .

Summer is winding down and I know what that means . . .

1. Mommy has to go back to work soon.  [sigh]  Shhhh!!!!  Don't tell her.  She's desperately trying to ignore that horrible fact!

2. Cooler temps are on the way.  Yippee!  My fur coat is really starting to annoy me.

3. A new love seat is also on the way!!!!

We've been in need of a new love seat for longer than Mommy will admit.  We have moved and rotated the cushions over and over with each other and with the old sofa in storage in the basement (you know in case we ever need it again).  When we lived in Minnesota, I used to rub along the back of the sofa and that was the first section to look less than presentable.  In our current house, we have a sofa table behind the love seat and it prevents me or the girls from rubbing all over that section . . . which leaves one end of the love seat fair game!   And RUB we have!!!!

At least a year ago, we broke through the upholstery on the piping of the cushions.  Mommy was a little bit upset, but just kept rotating and hoping for the best.  Sometime this year, we broke through the upholstery on the actual seat cushion.  I say WE, but what I really mean is THE GIRLS!!  They are the ones who really climb all over the love seat and make themselves comfy on the cushions, the arms, each other, and Mommy.

Finally, Mommy could no longer ignore the issue and began to ponder her options.  The sofa (in the basement) and love seat have been around a lot longer than I have!  They originally belonged to Mimi and Grandaddy and were passed on to my parents when they were married.  Mommy earned a bonus at her job that first year and had them re-covered.  That was SIXTEEN years ago!!!

Needless to say, this love seat has lived a long, full life!  Mommy originally thought about having it re-covered again.  She finally decided to just buy a new one.  It was the first task she accomplished this summer!  (Seriously.  The order was placed on Day 1 of summer vacation!)  We are expecting the new love seat to arrive sometime in the next month and I can't wait!!!

On the other paw, I'm sure Dixie and Jenna CAN wait!  I'm not sure if they realize it or not, but they are going to be BANNED from the new furniture!!!!  This is going to be an interesting turn of events.  It will simply crush them not to be allowed to snuggle with Mommy on the sofa.  I am secretly laughing my tail off.  I remember oh so well how I felt when the leather sofa arrived and I was banned from enjoying it!  It was a difficult transition, but I was a quick learner.  Dixie and Jenna . . . not so much!  And there are TWO of them.  They can TAG-TEAM against my parents!

Stay tuned to see how this change works out.  And my words of advice for Dixie and Jenna: Enjoy it while you can!

Good luck!

PS: Bonus points if you can name that dawg!

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