Thursday, August 6, 2015

Maters Anyone?

Summer is known for many things: hot weather, the beach, thunderstorms, and certain foods such as ice cream, watermelons, corn, and tomatoes!  We've been enjoying all of the above except for those tomatoes . . .

You KNOW whose fault it is, don't you?  Just the mention of food brings images of this dawg to your mind, doesn't it?

Each year Daddy plants a tomato vine, and we used to be able to enjoy several pints of grape tomatoes throughout the summer.  Until Jenna arrived on the scene.  Mommy needs tomatoes to make marinated tomatoes (adapted from Mimi's recipe).

This year (just like last year) we have had NO tomatoes touch our taste buds or come even close to the inside of our bellies.  Well, most of us haven't!  Jenna is another story.  She's been sampling the tomatoes as soon as they appear.  She just needs a Fry Daddy outside on the deck so she can serve up some fried green tomatoes!

Our tomato vine is finally growing taller than Jenna, so there's hope that we may have a mater or two before the summer is gone.  I doubt there will be a pint, but maybe we can at least have a taste!

 I have the feeling Jenna will have something to say about that . . .

Crossing our paws we might be able to at least get a BLT out of this vine . . .

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