Monday, August 17, 2015


This summer I've been enjoying my new OUTDOOR toy box!  The other dawgs can use it too, but it's mostly MINE!

The outdoor toy box is located under my favorite maple tree where there's plenty of shade from the hot summer sun.

There are only two rules for using the outdoor toy box.  First, you have to pick up your toys on Thursday to be ready for the yard guys to mow.  (That's Mommy's rule.)  It is not a requirement that you pick up before it rains since most of my toys are washable.  Second, you have to B.Y.O.T.  I know it looks like there are plenty of toys to play with, but these are mine, all mine!  Bring your own!

If you feel like joining me in the outdoor toy box, come on over!  I love to play!

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  1. Oh, my dog would love to come and play in your outdoor toy box!


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