Friday, August 28, 2015

Out with the Old, In with the New

Everyone knows Jenna loves food!  She can sniff out something to eat a mile away.  Because of this, her food bowl has dividers in it to help slow her down when she's eating.  I guess those dividers help.  It's kind of hard to tell.  Jenna still eats as if every meal is her last or as if she's been wandering in the desert for forty years.  Imagine how FAST she'd eat without the dividers!?!?!?

As a result of Jenna's voracious eating habits, she BROKE HER BOWL!!!  Well, I guess I'm exaggerating a bit.  She cracked it.  Without the rim around the bottom, I think it would have really fallen apart.  Mommy was just ignoring the problem, but Poppa pointed out that Jenna might cut her mouth on the bowl.

Leave it to a grandparent to know what's best.  So now Jenna has a new bowl for meal time.  Hopefully it will last a bit longer than her first.  It's a similar, but updated, design by the same company.   At least if this one breaks, it won't break in the same way.  

The new bowl has definitely not changed Jenna's eating habits in the least!  She's still full speed ahead.  Good thing she has to eat in her crate.  Otherwise, she might gobble me up too!


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