Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Perhaps you remember that Mommy bought me a dinosaur toy a few weeks back.

Mommy LOVES dinosaurs for some reason.  She's had a love affair with them since she was a toddler.  She loves to gift her nephews with clothing that has dinosaur designs and keeps hoping the boys will learn to love them too.  She's pretty sure if she had a son (besides me, of course) that he would have had several dinosaur themed birthday parties by now (whether he liked them or not)!

That purple dinosaur was mine for about a minute and then Jenna got her teeth on it.  She seems to have adopted it as her own.  That and every other stuffed animal we own!

When Grandma was in town, she thought she should treat her grandawgs to new toys.  She bought two new dinosaurs (knowing Mommy's weakness for all things dino) and a new Chuck-It for Dixie (knowing her weakness for tennis balls!).   With the exception of that new tennis ball, Jenna has claimed all the dinosaurs as her own.  Jenna and I even fought over one (with Dixie as the referee), but I finally let go so it wouldn't be a casualty of war!

Mommy did her best to keep at least one for me, but eventually they all belonged to Jenna!

It's just as well.  I'm a bit too mature to play with toys now.  I generally put my stamp of slobber on them and then hand them over to the girls.  They know who had it first and who the real boss is!

Hope your summer is DINO-MITE!

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