Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sock it to Me!

I am LOVING my daily walks this summer.  I get very excited when I see Mommy come downstairs with her sneakers on.  We don't walk as far as we used to due to my age and arthritis, but we still have fun together.

Sometimes as I'm walking I drag one of my rear paws.  It usually isn't a big deal, but recently I broke a toe nail off right down to the quick.  Mommy didn't notice until we got home and saw the blood on the kitchen tiles and living room carpet.   She told Daddy he had fallen down on the job of teaching me not to bleed on the carpet.  (Isn't that right, Grandaddy?)

Mommy tried to wrap up my toe, but the wrap just kept falling off.  After spot cleaning the carpet many times, and mopping the kitchen twice, she came up with another idea.  She ran upstairs and dug deep into Daddy's sock drawer.  She found one of the gripper socks he had received at the hospital while having his carpal tunnel surgery.

The grippers on the bottom of the sock were even in the shape of paws!  Instead of one paw print, I now had about a dozen!  The sock did a decent job of staying in place (at least until I stopped bleeding), and it kept Mommy from having to clean house every five minutes.  Everyone was happy.
Mommy was surprised at how easily I accepted this sock on my foot and didn't let it bother me.  When I lived in Minnesota and tried wearing booties on the ice to protect my paws, I was NOT happy and walked like a trotting horse!

Good idea, Mommy!

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