Monday, August 24, 2015

Do It Yourself Nose Job?

If money were no object (and Mommy had guts), she would get a nose job in a heartbeat!  She has joked about getting one for a while now.  When I first arrived on the scene three years ago, I almost succeeded in helping Mommy out.  I jumped off the sofa right in front of her and cracked the nose bone giving Mommy a little bit of a black eye.

Mommy had a CT scan a few months ago to see if something was going on up there since she kept having sinus infections.  (This was before we knew she was suddenly allergic to so many foods.)   The scan showed Mommy had a deviated septum, and Mommy was almost jumping for joy hoping a medically required nose job was going to be in her near future . . . apparently her septum isn't THAT deviated!  [sigh]

I thought this called for me to come to her rescue!  You know Mommy and her selfies.  She has the most success with Hunter selfies, but she wanted to take her chances with me.  I thought this called for the start of a nose job!

Yes, I've exaggerated.  Mommy wasn't injured even a tiny bit during this selfie session.  She probably wishes she had been!

Better luck next time??

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  1. If Mommy allows me to accompany her on another class trip (knowing my past success with corralling the kiddos), I undoubtedly would succeed in breaking her nose through some clumsy mishap (usually due to excessive noise in the marshes)! Have a wonderful school year, Mrs. Gore! Miss seeing you.


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