Friday, August 14, 2015

Ain't Life Grand in Arizona?

Once again, Mommy and Daddy ditched us and headed for higher ground.  Literally, about 7000 feet above sea level!  Being that high made Mommy's ears pop and hurt like crazy.  Can you imagine how I'd feel with my big ears?  Maybe that's why they didn't take me and my sisters?

They recently traveled to Sedona, Arizona and the Grand Canyon.  While at the Grand Canyon, they took a mule ride along the South Rim.  When they leave us behind, they never fail to find other creatures to love on!  Don't they know how that makes us feel?  Mommy loved on Marcy the mule and Daddy was pretty close to his mule, Tewkesberry.  Seriously?  What kind of name is Tewkesberry?  Sounds pretty close to Dingle Berry if you ask me and I think Daddy would agree!

Mommy and Daddy also went fly fishing in Sedona.  Yep, more creatures to love on.  I'm not really sure if a fish counts as a lovable creature, but it is a living, breathing being.

Mommy says she's still waiting on the chance to wear waders for short people.  All that extra fabric just bunches up around her middle.  That's her story and she seems determined to stick to it!  At least those baggy pants didn't scare the fish away!

Daddy was man enough to brave the cold water in shorts.  Mommy said it was freezing in the water when they started out at 7AM.  The temps rose to the low 90s that day, but it wasn't enough to make Mommy shed those waders while in the water!

Sedona was a beautiful town.  An off-road Jeep tour was a last minute addition to the itinerary and my parents were super happy they decided to go for it.  They loved it!

Speaking of itineraries, it is becoming clear that Mommy and Daddy have different ideas about vacations.  Daddy doesn't believe the words itinerary, agenda, schedule, or even calendar should exist when on vacation.  Mommy believes you should go and do all you can because you may never be back!  This vacation was a good mix of their two ideas, but Daddy said Mommy almost ran him to death on a couple of the days.  He should have taken me with him.  He could have lounged around with me all day at the resort!  [sigh]  Live and learn, Daddy.  Live and learn!

My fans will be happy to know I survived the week away from my parents.  (Duh, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this, would I?)  The whole family worried about me and how I was going to handle the separation in my old age.  I'm happy to report I had a great time and hardly even noticed they were gone.  If it weren't for those lingering mule and fish smells, I might not have known they were two-timing me and my sisters!

Life may be grand in Arizona, but it's pretty grand here at home too!  I think my parents would agree!

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