Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wonder Twins

Do any of you remember watching Super Friends on Saturday morning cartoons way back when?  Mommy and Daddy certainly do!  They say the current state of Saturday morning entertainment is very sad and lacks the great cartoons with which they grew up.  We wouldn't know about that, but our parents do tell us about The Wonder Twins, two of the super heroes on Super Friends.  It could be because at night when our parents go to bed, they both have to wear their carpal tunnel wrist braces which resemble the arm bands of The Wonder Twins.  Every once in a while, Mommy and Daddy will bump wrists and recite, "Wonder Twin powers activate!"  (I know, weird huh??)  It could also be they tell us these stories because of our very own Wonder Twins, Dixie and Jenna.  Whatever it is, these stories bring back fond memories of our parents' childhood.

Our own Wonder Twins are so similar yet so different.  When Jenna first came to live with us, we had such a difficult time telling the two girls apart even though they really do look different from each other.  Mommy and Daddy were constantly calling them the wrong name.  The more we know Jenna (and Dixie), the easier it is to tell them apart.  Their unique personalities help us to know which girl is which (and where she's located in the house and out) at all times. 

Except when it doesn't . . . there are still times when they truly are twins and move in a rhythm that prevents us from knowing who's who.  Mommy has twins in her classroom this year that she can't tell the difference between.  They tell her they are fraternal, but they are the best look-alikes she has taught in over seventeen years!  She has to sit them in a certain order in her classroom to tell them apart.  If only she could do that for Dixie and Jenna . . .

Here's to The Wonder Twins!  Their power is definitely ACTIVATED!

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