Monday, October 7, 2013

Acorn Update

We thought we'd give you an update on the acorn contest between Mommy and Uncle Jeff.  Recently Uncle Jeff sent Mommy a picture of what he says is a "real" acorn.  Mommy was not impressed.  She personally thought the acorn looked a bit moldy.  And that was before Uncle Jeff told her that Grandma had actually found it herself!  We definitely do NOT think it counts if Grandma is having to find her own acorns. 

Here's what the sawtooth oak acorns look like once they've opened up a bit.  They really are unusual. 

The leaves on this tree are also very different from the typical oak leaf.  The tree derives its name from the look of its leaves; the edges of the leaves look like the edges (or teeth) of a saw blade.  Mommy likes the acorns, but secretly thinks the leaves are pretty ugly.  She's a traditionalist and likes the traditional oak leaf best.  This tree also keeps its leaves until the spring.  They turn brown and make a rustling noise all during the winter when the wind blows.  Once the tree starts sprouting new leaves, the old ones fall off.  Weird, huh?  Kind of like its acorns . . .

No matter what you think of the tree and its acorns, we just call it the Victory Tree now! 

Here's to Mommy and the Victory Tree,
Hunter, Dixie & Jenna

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