Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Getaway

Jenna told you our parents went away for the weekend recently, and she wondered why we weren't allowed to go.  She's still so young and dumb.  I can sum it up for her in three words: WE ARE DAWGS!!!!  Dawgs in our house don't get to go on weekend trips.  [sigh]  It's disappointing, but it's true.  Ever since I was a puppy, they have been leaving me behind to go off gallivanting around the country. 

Their most recent trip was to New York State that included an action packed weekend that just about sent Daddy over the edge!  In his opinion, Mommy really over-booked them.  Mommy thinks she was forgetting she wasn't traveling with Aunt Holly.  Mommy and Aunt Holly try to cram as much as they can into every single day they are away.  Daddy doesn't go for trips like that!  He's more into relaxation.

On the first day they visited John D. Rockefeller's estate Kykuit and Washington Irving's home Sunnyside, listened to a reading of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," and went to the Great Jack-o-Lantern Blaze.  They were busy for twelve hours straight!  On the second day, they went fly fishing.  This event was scheduled at the request of Daddy so he could have a relaxing day of doing something manly.  Mommy thought day two would make up for all of her special requests from day one.  On the third day, they visited the United States Military Academy at West Point.  It was a very busy weekend for them both. 

Can you imagine the three of us four-legged children running through the halls of this lovely home?

Or hopping through the fields of five thousand carved pumpkins with actual candles in them???  Dixie loves a gnaw on a good pumpkin!  I'm sure if given the chance, Jenna would too.  (Yep, these amazing scenes are all made of PUMPKINS!!)

Or trying to help our parents catch fish?  I've been hooked by a fishing line before.  Chasing a tiny fly in the water is all I need to get myself into trouble again.  Luckily, Mommy found a couple fish and didn't find trouble.  She tells me she was worried she would hook their fly fishing guide due to her inexperience.  She has decided if she ever goes again, she will have to invest in a pair of  insulated waders for short people.  These rentals weren't very flattering and she just about froze her hiney off after about five hours of standing in the Housatonic River in Connecticut!  Mommy was jealous because Daddy had his own neoprene duck hunting waders that kept him nice and warm.

So my dear sweet sister, Jenna, these are the reasons why we are not allowed to go on trips with our parents.  We just have to remember we are DAWGS!  Or so I've been told . . .


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