Thursday, October 10, 2013

Been There . . .

I don't really go on that many true "walks" any more.  We have such a large yard, that Mommy is able to turn me loose in the back yard to do my business and I am content.  I'm sure I would love to see the leash come out for me if she decided to take me around the block, but in reality I can't make it for the long haul like I used to when I was a pup.  Between my arthritis, my heavy breathing, and just plain old age, I'm not as young as I used to be.  [sigh]

Mommy saw a magnet on a car recently and said it reminded her of me.  I used to have to stop frequently when we were walking to let everyone know where my territory began and ended.  Bushes, driveways, mail boxes, edges of yards, even Dixie's head when she was a puppy were all fair game for territory marking.  (Dixie learned early on not to cross paths with me!)  The world was my toilet.  More specifically, the entire neighborhood was MINE, ALL MINE! 

Now a days, I just follow my sisters around the yard and wait on them to do their business.  Then I exert my authority and follow up their business with my business.  Someone has to show them who the boss is around here!  I may be old, but I'm still in charge!

And don't you forget it!

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