Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Comments Overheard

The following are comments frequently overheard at our house:

Comments to Dixie:
  • The outside is closed.
  • The outside is overrated.
  • No, we aren't going to play ball. 
  • Are you going in or out?
  • Drop the ball.
  • Bring the ball closer.
  • I still can't reach the ball.
A little blurry, but you know Dixie has good hips . . .  and wants to go outside as usual!

Comments to Jenna:
  • Gentle [when taking treat from hand].
  • Don't eat the toilet paper.
  • No, you can't eat the tissues.
  • Get away from the trash can.
  • Don't drink the water in the toilet.
  • Stop trying to eat the birdseed.
  • Get out of the grapevine.
  • Out of the dishwasher!

Apparently even fire wood tastes delicious to Jenna!

Comments to Hunter:
  • Come on, big boy.
  • You know how to go up the stairs.
  • You know how to go down the stairs.
  • You can do it!
  • No, I'm not giving Jenna (or you) paper to eat.
  • It's okay; they're just playing.
  • No need to get upset; they're just playing.
  • Calm down; they're just playing.

Hunter calls the game of tug of war between the sisters.

Parents' Note (Disclaimer):  Each of our canines is special in her/her own unique way. 

Dixie loves to be outside, but wants you to love it too!  She's just like the postal service: neither rain, nor snow, nor heat, nor dark of night will keep her away from the tennis balls!  No matter what you may have going on, she thinks you should stop to toss the tennis ball for her. 

Jenna has to be the most food-oriented dawg on the planet!  She will eat ANYTHING!!!  Our job is difficult keeping her safely away from items which could hurt her.  Despite her food temptations, she listens the best of any of the gang. 

Hunter is our big baby, meaning he's a really big chicken.  As a senior citizen, he is stubborn and does only what he wants to do at this point in his life.  And we let him because we love him!  He is also the referee around here.  He wants to keep a happy home and doesn't like to think Jenna and Dixie are hurting each other. 

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