Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Road Trip!

Mommy and Daddy recently left us for a weekend getaway.  I really don't understand why we couldn't go with them.  I personally love to go for rides.  I think we were left behind so they could enjoy some adult time.  But it could have something to do with a few thousand pumpkins . . . or flies and fish . . . or million dollar mansions . . . hmmm.   More on that later.  Maybe one of my siblings can get to the bottom of it.

Speaking of bottom, look at where I recently rode in the car!  How humiliating!

On the Friday morning of our parents' getaway, Daddy took us to the kennel in his truck.  Dixie rode up front with him, I rode in the back seat lying down like the perfect angel I am, and Hunter sat near me panting his head off (as usual).  Daddy told Mommy he thought he was raising sled dawgs when he arrived at the kennel.  I'll admit we tend to become a bit excited about going out in public.  He said he was sure he could hook the three of us up to a sled and we could be halfway to Antarctica by now!

Because he had to take us all by himself, he told Mommy she was on her own when it came time to pick us up on Monday afternoon.  Mommy wasn't worried; after all, she frequently has us all to herself.  Hunter rode in the back of her car, and Dixie rode in the front seat.  I stayed in the middle for a while, but I had really missed Mommy so I began to whine a bit.  Mommy finally invited me to the front seat too.  She says she thought Dixie and I could sit nicely beside each other . . . Dixie had other thoughts.  She basically relegated me to the floor board!  I rode the rest of the way home from that vantage point.  It wasn't a thrilling ride, but at least I got to look at Mommy the whole time!

I'm going to have to learn to stand up for the best spot in the car (although Mommy prefers I sit down)!

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