Friday, October 4, 2013

Trashy or A-Peel-ing?

Good grief!  My sister Jenna is such a trouble maker lately!  We thought she had broken her habit of eating toilet paper, but she's at it again!  I think it might be her own silent little protest to Mommy going back to work, but no one asked me.   Hunter is so funny when it comes to the toilet paper.  He seems to have a sixth sense about Jenna's ability to hunt out the toilet paper.  He comes running when he thinks she's about to score a bite.  He loves paper too, but won't venture that far into the bathrooms (he's afraid of the floors).

But back to Jenna . . . she was in trouble TWO times in one morning, but it had nothing to do with toilet paper this time.  First, she flipped the lid of the kitchen trash can up, balanced on her hind legs, and proceeded to poke her head inside in an attempt to dig out a paper towel!  Mommy was NOT impressed.

Less than a minute later, Jenna had a banana peel in her mouth!  Mommy's not sure if she left the peel hanging off the edge of the counter or if Jenna performed her balancing act again.  Either way, Jenna had a mouthful.  Mommy dug it out and proceeded to seriously scold Jenna.  In the mean time, I grabbed a section of the peel Jenna dropped and ran off with it.  Mommy heard me trying to eat it and then cleaned my mouth out too.   [sigh]    She says we should be thankful a banana peel is so tough and thick.  It was just not meant to be eaten, so it gave Mommy some time to do a little retrieving of her own.   And all of this happened before six in the morning!  Way to go, Jenna!  I feel that I was guilty of nothing except being in the right (or wrong) place at the right (or wrong) time depending on how you look at it.

So this leaves me with one question about my sister: is she a trashy girl or is she a-peel-ing?? 

I'll leave it for you to decide . . .

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