Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas is in the Air!

Christmas is almost here!  Can you smell it?  [sniff, sniff]  I sure could yesterday.  Mommy came home with sixteen loaves of sourdough bread.  Do you know how good SIXTEEN loaves of bread smell?  YUMMY!!!!

Remember all of that grape jelly Mommy and Daddy made back in September?  She decided to give jelly and fresh baked bread to Daddy's co-workers for Christmas presents.  Mommy decided the jelly was enough of a homemade gift; she bought the bread yesterday afternoon.  (She says she's good, but not that good!)  While we were out playing she tried to sneak it in the house without us noticing, but we are way too smart for that!  As soon as we came back inside, we knew something was in the air.  We were all doing the happy dance!  I was especially good at sniffing out the goods.  I tried to get at the kitchen counter from all angles.  Mommy was NOT pleased with my behavior,  but I just couldn't help myself.  It smelled sooooooo good! 

Oh well!  Better lick next time!  Maybe you'll be lucky enough to receive one of those packages . . .

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