Friday, February 26, 2016

Toy Box Heaven

We have a new toy box!  We've always enjoyed a toy box in the den, but Mommy realized we were starting to carry many toys upstairs.  Each morning she would gather up an armload and tote them back downstairs.  It's not our fault she hasn't taught us to put our toys away, is it?  Finally, she grew tired of this routine and at Mimi's suggestion, she added a toy box upstairs.   It's a basket actually and it took a while for her to find just the right one.

The only problem with the new toy box is that it tends to become a bit top heavy with all of our toys.  (The box downstairs is practically empty!)  When we go in search of that perfect toy, the new toy box tends to topple over.

Then we spread the toys everywhere!

Here's to our new toy box (and hopefully the promise of new toys)!
Dixie and Jenna

PS: A few days after taking these pics, one of the handles mysteriously fell off . . . wonder how that happened???   Hmmm . . .

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