Monday, May 30, 2016

All's Right in the World

Recently I told you about how Mommy had been moving my crate around.  After it found its final resting spot in the corner of the den, I still wasn't sure about it.  Finally after about a week, I decided I could try to settle in . . .

My crate's new location is pretty good, but there's another resting spot that's even better:

Shhhhh!  Don't tell Daddy that we're enjoying a spot on the leather sofa!!!

The leather sofa has always been forbidden territory.  But it is soooooo much more comfortable than the bed in my crate.  Mommy does her best to protect the leather by spreading out the blanket for us.  I'm sure Daddy will learn soon enough that Mommy is letting us sneak up onto the sofa.  She's sure to be a goner when that happens!  And us too.  No more leather sofa.  Drat!

Until then, all's right in the world.  Well, MY world at least!

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