Sunday, April 24, 2016

I've Got My Eye on You!

I had to go to the vet this past week because I had some sort of eye infection.  Mommy had applied a topical steroid left over from Hunter, but it wasn't working.  After two days with the whites of my eyes turning a nasty shade of red, Mommy bit the bullet and took me.

I was such a good girl.  Truly I was!  I deserve a trip to an all-you-can-eat-buffet somewhere!  For starters, I've lost weight.   I guess I can't say for sure that I've reclaimed my Supermodel title because Dixie wasn't there being weighed as well, but I had lost about FOUR pounds!  For you humans that's not that much, but for us dawgs, that's HUGE!

Second, when Mommy said that Dixie wasn't experiencing the same eye problems, I think the doctor thought something might be terribly wrong with my eyes!  Dr. O tested my eye pressure to make sure nothing was pressing on the backs of my eyes like glaucoma, and she tested my tear ducts to make sure they were producing the right amount of tears.  Thankfully all was normal.

Before Dr. O did all of these tests, she showed me her instruments and told me exactly what she was going to do.  She spoke to ME, not Mommy!  Seriously!  And she did all of this in her amazing Australian accent.  I think I might have a girl crush on her!  Dr. O was AMAZING!  Mommy liked her too.  Dr. O is new to our usual practice.  She was so super understanding, she even let me lick and sniff all of those instruments before she used them on me.  Well, all except the most expensive one!

The most expensive tool was for looking at my corneas.  Dr. O had to first put a neon green dye in  my eyes.  I felt like I was glowing for a while.  She looked at my eyes with a special light to make sure the corneas weren't scratched.  That test result was normal but my eyes were a different story!

Since nothing serious was wrong with my eyes, the vet gave Mommy a steroid ointment to put in my eyes twice a day.  We've learned that I do NOT like anyone messing with my eyes  . . . except maybe Dr. O!  I looked quite pitiful on the ride home and slept pretty well that night.

I'm back to normal now, and I'm keeping my eye out for another possible visit to see Dr. O.  Or that all-you-can-eat buffet!

PS: Although I was a good girl, I did leave my mark on the vet's office . . . no, not what you're thinking . . . Maybe we should have weighed me after my exam?  I may have lost another pound or two in fur!

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