Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sanity is Overrated!

Dear Mommy,

Thank you for taking me to the vet this afternoon to have my nails trimmed.  I know you and Daddy are able to do this task yourself, but for some reason I prefer the vet's capable hands.  I guess I should thank you for taking Dixie and Jenna too.  I love going on rides with you, but hopping up into the car is not as easy as it used to be.  I'm so glad you told the vet I was having a bit of trouble maneuvering the steps in the house.  Hopefully the anti-inflammatory he sent home will do the trick. 

I am really surprised you took all three of us at the same time.  I heard you tell the doc that if he ever saw all of our names at the same time on the appointment book again, to be sure to call you back and remind you of this day!  The hardest part of the afternoon was getting in and out of the car.  I personally think you should have allowed me to ride in the front seat with you.  I promise not to block your view of the road.  I can't believe you let Dixie ride up there.  I guess she was well-behaved, but still . . . I'm your first born!  And you made Jenna ride in the crate this time.  I think she was a little annoyed by that decision.  I really think you should put them both in the same crate for the short ride just to see who survives! 

Once we arrived, you made me stay in the car all by myself while you took the girls in.  Again, first born here!  Why did they go first?  (This is another reason why you need a third arm.)  Oh well.  Dixie told me they took a tour of the inner office.  Where was my tour?  Did they help answer the phones?  She also told me about the scales.  Poor girl.  You weighed her on the scale she could walk onto, and she was only one pound heavier than Jenna.  The two of you were giving each other high fives!  (Literally!)  Once she settled onto the lift table/scale a slightly different picture came to light; she was actually five pounds heavier than Jenna.  The vet tech reminded Dixie she wasn't very still on the previous scales.  Dixie told the doc she preferred the other scales.  Typical girl!  Why can't she embrace her success over the pounds she has lost?  Either way, the doc wasn't worried.

Mommy, when you brought the girls out to the car for the Great Switch Off, I really was worried about you.  You seemed a bit stressed.  It didn't help that there were doughnuts in the parking lot!  Yep!  SIX of them!  I have no idea why they were there, but who cares?  They were yummy!  I'm sorry Jenna helped herself to FOUR of them, and Dixie and I each nabbed one during the loading and unloading process!  Well, I'm not really sorry about the one I ate.  I'm just sorry Jenna ate FOUR before I could help her out.  You know Jenna.  She can't ignore anything food related.  Even those old doughnuts that had been rained upon!  (I guess we should look for those previously mentioned five pounds to show up on Jenna next!)

I was really surprised you didn't take a nap when we got home.  We were only there for thirty minutes, but you looked exhausted.  I know you think your sanity is at stake, but sanity is really overrated.  Besides, didn't you already lose it when you brought Dixie and then Jenna home??  I'm just saying . . .

Wags and Doughnuts,

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