Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cuttin' Up!

Mommy has spent time the past two weeks working on updating her scrapbook.  I have spent time the past two weeks trying to snatch every scrap of paper I can put my teeth on!  I LOVE it when she brings out all of her supplies.  There is an entire accordion folder of just scrap paper that she tries to keep away from me, but she isn’t always successful.  Paper hangs off the edges of the table and sticks out from a pile on the floor.  It is so tempting.  Sometimes Mommy will shut the door and keep us out of the room, but I don't really think she likes to be in there by herself.  She loves having us for company.  Well, she loves having Dixie and Hunter in there at least!

The best part of the whole set-up is the trash can!  That’s where the extra pieces from the paper and pictures go.  It’s a dark hole, but I love to stick my nose in there to sniff out the best scraps.  Once I have my teeth on them, I take off at a run down the hall to show off my success to my siblings.  Sometimes Mommy is so busy or the paper is insignificant that she doesn’t mind too much; at other times she chases me down the hall calling out my name and trying to grab me by the collar.  She also tries to guard the trash can. She sits all sorts of heavy objects on top of it to block my jaws, but I am patient.  I give the objects an occasional nudge when Mommy isn’t looking.  Eventually, the objects topple over and I make a lunge for the scraps hidden below! 

I really wish I could be more like Hunter and Dixie at scrapbook time.  Dixie doesn’t really care for paper as much as Hunter and I do, so she just hangs out with Mommy and enjoys spending time with her.  Hunter has apparently loved paper all of his ten and a half years, but he doesn’t lurk around waiting for the paper to fall.  If I make my move he will follow, but usually he just lies around sleeping while Mommy works.    I need to have more self-control.  Mommy tries to use this time to reinforce the sit and stay commands, but she isn’t always successful.  She lacks focus.  I have GREAT focus . . . on the TRASH CAN!  [sigh]  Oh well.  Better scraps next time?
Wags and Recycling (in the yard),

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