Sunday, February 24, 2013

Just So You Know . . .

It has been brought to Mommy's attention that some of our readers are wondering if she is posting blog entries while she's at work . . . the decisive answer is NO WAY! 

For some reason there is a major delay between the actual time we post an entry and the emails you may be receiving.  This delay has ranged anywhere from a couple hours to eighteen hours!  When we post an entry, we can choose to publish it automatically or schedule it for posting at another time or day.  We use both features.  No matter which method we choose, the emails you may be subscribed to are sent MUCH later. 

We DO NOT post while Mommy is at work.  It super important parents monitor their children's internet usage and we are no exception.  We aren't allowed to use the internet when she isn't at home.  We would be in serious trouble if we broke that rule! 

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