Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Heart's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Y'all!  Love and sweet treats are in the air!  We love this holiday around here.  It's a great excuse for Mommy to TREAT us to extra special treats!  This year Mommy gave us each a small deer antler to chew on.  We have pretty much wiped out the ones we received for Christmas.  She allows us to chew on them until they are about an inch and a half long and then she takes them away.  Any smaller than that and she is afraid we'll choke on them.  Hunter once choked on a bone when it became lodged in his throat as a puppy, and our parents have never forgotten that unpleasant experience.  We can only gnaw on these sweet treats under the direct supervision of an adult human!

For Valentine's Day, Mommy and Daddy will treat each other to dinner out.   This holiday is Mommy's excuse to pick out a new restaurant to try.  She has had her eye on this year's choice for a few years.   She can't wait!   Mommy also treated Daddy to a Mason jar FULL of Skittles! Daddy has been on a Skittles kick lately, but he goes about eating them in a strange way.   He prefers to eat the colors he really doesn't like first: yellow and green.  He follows those colors up with orange and saves his favorites, red and purple, for last.   He has even taken some to work, but apparently his co-workers like to swipe the good ones from him after he has worked hard at eating the bad colors.   This makes him very frustrated.   We don't see the problem.   They all taste good to us! 

Mommy thought by purchasing the classroom size individual Valentine packages, he could enjoy a few of each color and not have to weed through a large bag.   We think this worked at first until his stash was discovered by co-workers yet again!   After going through a few bags of the Valentine candy in the past few weeks, Mommy decided on a different tactic.   She found Skittles in bulk in the candy aisle of the grocery store.   She decided to GO FOR IT!   She placed the plastic bag under the spout of the Skittles candy dispenser and let them pour out to her heart's content . . . before she knew it, she had quite a few pounds of Skittles in her bag! TWENTY dollars' worth!!!!  [gulp]  Mommy had no intention of spending that much money on candy.  There was no way to put the candy back into the dispenser.  She knows because she looked!   Thankfully, a money wasting holiday was quickly approaching and she decided candy would be a great Valentine's Day gift for Daddy!   Hopefully he will agree!

We hope your day is full of love, sweets, and treats!

Wags and Kisses,
Hunter, Dixie, & Jenna

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