Saturday, March 2, 2013

Me and My Big Brother

I love my big brother Hunter.  When I joined the family a few years ago, he was a bit intimidating to me because of his HUGE size.  I followed him around everywhere and stuck to him like glue.  (Even if he didn't want me to.)  Daddy called us Mutt and Jeff because of the differences in our sizes.  Hunter looked like a GIANT beside of me!

Almost three years later, I still love to follow him around and watch his every move.  If he moves from one side of the living room to the other, I follow.  If he goes outside, I want to go too.  Hunter's procedure for telling our parents he needs to go out has always been to stare them down.  Mommy decided to move into the twenty-first century when she and Daddy brought me home by teaching me to ring a bell on the door.  It worked like a charm for me, but Hunter was resistant to learning a new trick.  Jenna only rings the bell in an absolute emergency (probably because I ring it often enough for the three of us).  If Mommy and Daddy don't notice Hunter staring them down from the door, I help him out.  I go to the door and ring the bell FOR him!  Does that make me a good baby sister or what?
I don't think Hunter could say the same about Jenna.  She is so independent and always does her own thing.  Maybe it's because she wasn't here as a puppy to see how much Hunter could teach her.  Jenna pretty much ignores Hunter except when he opens his mouth to let out a ferocious bark.  When that happens, she sits up and listens!

Hunter and I are still getting along famously!  We love spending time together.  We like to lie in the same places, eat the same food, and even play with the same toys.  Life is good with my big brother! 

Dixie Doodle

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