Wednesday, February 20, 2013

[Ahhhh!] The Sweet Smell of Me!

Last night was a great night!  Mommy gave me and Jenna a bath.  It has been quite a while since we've had one.  Mommy is pretty good about giving us regular baths during the summer when we are more active and sweaty, but not so much in the winter . . .

Mommy talked to Grandma Jane and mentioned we were becoming a bit stinky.  Naturally, Grandma said Mommy should give us a bath, but Mommy told her it was a lot of hard work and usually resulted in hair EVERYWHERE!  Thank goodness for Grandma Jane!  She told Mommy she was sure we would feel much better after a nice warm bath.  She was sooooo right! (She was also right to take Mommy on a slight guilt trip.)

Mommy decided the best strategy was to tackle one of us a night for the next three nights.  After her workout, she headed to the bathroom armed with towels and called for Jenna to join her.  Jenna was definitely the smelliest of the three (probably because she runs the hardest in the yard).  Jenna followed Mommy, but I was not going to be left out!  I wanted a bath too.

You may remember that Mommy gives us baths in the shower with her.  She started with me and then had Jenna join us in the shower.  We were both very well behaved, but we shed a LOT of hair in there.  Jenna sheds more than any other dawg I know.  When the shower was over, Mommy hopped out and dried herself off.  She had planned to pull us out of the shower one at a time, but her plan didn't quite work out . . . we both flew out of the shower and ran around the bathroom.  We had HAIR and WATER EVERYWHERE!!! 

Mommy did her best to dry us off and contain the mess to the bathroom, but that wasn't a total success either.  When she released us into the bedroom, we went NUTS!!  We ran all over the bedroom, up and down the hallway, and even tackled the stairs.  I sometimes like to remove any extra water by rubbing myself on the wall in the hall.  I gave new meaning to the term "wall-to-wall carpeting!"  Grandma Jane, you might need to visit soon and help Mommy vacuum!

Baths were a bit easier for Mommy when I was a puppy.  I thought you might like to see a picture of me from three years ago.  We have a similar picture of Hunter, but that was before Mommy was in the digital age.  Poor Jenna.  We don't have any pics of her from puppyhood.  She was probably as cute as I was.  Well, maybe not quite!

Wags and Bubbles,

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