Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Let Sleeping Dawgs Lie [Dixie]

I know Jenna recently told you how her crate is being taken over by Booger, um, I mean Ruger!  So far this is the only area of Jenna's life that has been invaded by Ruger.  I cannot say the same!  My brother LOVES me, or at least loves to torture me!  He will stand on his hind legs and grab hold of my back with his teeth and just follow me around like that!  Mommy keeps telling me I don't have to take it, but I do.  He's only a baby, right?  I'm just doing what a good big sister should do.

Sometimes to save myself I take shelter in my crate in the evenings.  I'm good with Ruger invading my personal space by jumping on top of me, but I don't want him near my crate.  Every so often when I go mind my own business in my crate, he'll come to the crate door and bark at me!  The nerve of that little booger!  Ruger's incessant barking drives Daddy nuts to the point that either he or Mommy will come retrieve Ruger and distract him with a toy to remove him from my presence.  (Decor note:  Please ignore my terrible mix of patterns.  I have the camo covered bed because I kept tearing up the other bed cover and Mommy grew tired of patching it up.  The other bed cover matched my floral blanket better. I haven't even tried to mutilate the camo for some reason.  Maybe it's a subliminal hint to Daddy that I too should be taken on his hunts??)

Ruger needs to understand that no matter how much torture I take from him, I WILL NOT ALLOW MY CRATE TO BE INVADED!!!!  Ruger has only dared to lie down in my crate once!  I dare say he won't do it again.

This is me when I discovered Ruger had invaded my crate.  I was not happy!  Ruger kept on snoozing.

I was so agitated, I couldn't settle down elsewhere.  Mommy tried to convince me to come back towards her, but I was NOT having it.  I kept trying to get Daddy's attention.  I knew he could save me.

In the end it was Mommy to the rescue.  She finally came over and picked Ruger up and moved him out of my crate.  THANK YOU, MOMMY!!  I was able to settle into MY space and block out the rudeness of this puppy we call brother.  Mommy tried to remind me that's exactly what little brothers are for.

Hopefully my little booger, um, brother learned a valuable lesson that day.  You can mess with me outside my crate, but not inside!


PS: Happy belated birthday to my Uncle J (Mommy's not so young little brother), Great Aunt P, Great Aunt S, and happy thirteenth anniversary to Aunt C and Uncle W!  Lots of celebrations yesterday in our family!

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