Friday, May 31, 2013

Spot On!

It's been rainy here the past two weeks.  It really stresses me out when it rains because that means I can't play fetch.  Fetch has to be my favorite past time.  Seriously, I think I like it better than eating.  (I think that's number one on the list of "Things You'll Never Hear Jenna Say.")  If the grass isn't too wet, then Mommy will come out and play with me.  But she hates it when my under-carriage becomes muddy from all of my running around. 

To help me run off some energy and not get muddy, Mommy recently decided to take us upstairs to play in the "bowling alley."  That is what Daddy calls the master closet.  It extends over the entire length of the garage and is the best feature of the house according to Mommy.  When you couple the closet with the full length of the hallway, you have quite a little run for me to get some exercise.

Mommy sat at the opposite end of the hallway and began to throw the tennis ball down the hallway and hopefully, if her aim is true, into the closet.  Jenna and I had fun running back and forth to fetch the ball a few times.  Then Hunter had to go and spoil it for us.  He decided to settle on the floor right in the middle of our path.  This made fetching the ball slightly more difficult.  We were doing fine until the ball bounced off Hunter and landed behind the plant stand.  And that's when Jenna had to go and spoil it for us. 

If I had been alone, I would have spotted the ball behind the plant stand and then pointed it out to Mommy.  A few whines later and she would have shown what a good retriever she is too.  But fearless Jenna was there.  She wasn't going to let a little obstacle stand in her way!  She went for the ball, and Mommy watched helplessly from the other end of the hallway as the plant began to fall.  Mommy said it was as if the whole thing was in slow motion.  She couldn't get up fast enough to catch it.

The worst part was that the plant had been recently watered, so not only was there dirt on the carpet, but WET DIRT!  This was one time when Mommy didn't slow down for the camera.  She tried to quickly move us out of the way so we didn't step in it and rub it into the carpet.  She had to drag the vacuum out as well as some carpet cleaner.  It took a few days for all of the wet, black potting soil to come up, but it finally did.

It may be a while before we do that again!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'd Lay Odds On . . .

If it came down to a fight between Hunter and Jenna, who would you pick?  They aren't actually fighting, but seriously, who would you put your money on?

One afternoon this week, Hunter was hanging out under the shade tree minding his own business.  Apparently, Jenna smelled something pretty good because she was burrowing her head down in the grass and pushing herself along.  Before Mommy could stop it from happening, Jenna plowed head first right into Hunter.  What ensued was not a pretty sight.  Hunter immediately jumped up barking and growling with his hackles raised.  Jenna was surprised at first, but quickly responded with her own teeth-baring growl.  It only took a minute for the two to settle down, but it got me thinking . . . who would win in a HUNTER vs JENNA fight?  Just imagine it:  (say it aloud, real theatrical like the boxing guy does!)

In the chocolate corner is the man of the decade, the senior with the bark, the one who is tall, strong, long, and bionic,

The Mentor from Minnesotaaaaaa . . . HUNTER!

And in the black corner is the lady of fire, the one who can smell a tissue a mile away, the energy packed spark plug, the toilet paper taker,

The Crumb Chaserrrrr . . . JENNA!

Wouldn't a match between those two be fun?  No, I'm not talking about the Michael Vick type of dawg fights.  I mean an honest to goodness dawg fight that just happens to crop up because one gets too close to the other.  Daddy says Hunter has street cred, but I'm not sure that would last long.  After all, Hunter is OLD!  Jenna, on the other hand, is young and quick.  Daddy has also seen her chase down a pheasant. 

So, who do you think would win?  I think I'd choose . . . um . . . well . . . I'd better not choose.  I don't want to get on either of their bad sides!  I guess I'll just be the cutie that carries the sign to let you know which round it is! 


Paws Script: We do not condone any violence towards animals.  No labs were hurt during the production of this blog.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekend Kickoff

As the days have grown warmer, Mommy has been coming outside with us to play for longer periods of time in the afternoons. She and Hunter sit in the grass under the maple tree (it has the best shady spot), and Dixie and I play with each other and the tennis balls. When we are tired from all of our running around, we all sit together in the shade to relax. Mommy sometimes brings a few things with her: book, snack, drink, camera, phone, and always the Chuck-it. (We can't take Dixie outside without the Chuck-it!)

Since it was Friday, Mommy decided to relax with a glass of wine. Last year, Mommy's principal gave out plastic wine glasses to celebrate the end of the school year. (Can you really call it a glass if it's made of plastic? But calling it a cup doesn't seem right since it has a stem!) Mommy thought Friday afternoon was the perfect time to use the glass because she was going outside. She loaded her arms up with all of her goodies and headed out to the shady spot.

Hunter was loving life because the grass had been cut that day. Our neighborhood teen had to stop cutting the grass for some reason, so my parents decided to hire a lawn service. They have decided the cost is sooooooooo worth it to save Daddy's allergies and Mommy's voice from nagging. So what if that John Deere is sitting there wasting away? Maybe I can convince them to sell it and use the money to purchase extra treats for me??

Mommy was playing fetch with Dixie and even played along when Hunter asked her to throw his blanket (it doesn't go far, which is good for him). While her back was turned, I was a bad girl. I moved in on her wine glass! After all, it was hot outside and I needed to cool off. I liked that glass of pinot grigio so well, I decided to drink all of it. When Mommy turned back around, my tongue was planted so far down in the glass I couldn't make a fast enough getaway. She was NOT happy.

Deciding her wine was ruined, Mommy dumped it in the yard and I began licking the grass. Dixie was clued in to the possibility of a treat by then, so she joined me. We ended up licking that grass and glass as "clean as cold water could get it." Mommy couldn't do much about it since she was too lazy to get up from her comfy spot on the grass! Instead, she grabbed her camera to capture our enjoyment.

Here's to a great weekend! Enjoy your long Memorial Day weekend.  Cheers!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Squirrel Patrol

Our neighborhood used to be a big farm (long before we arrived), so there aren't many large trees in our yard.  When my parents moved in, there were only three trees in the front yard and none in the back.  Mommy, Daddy, and Hunter planted three more in the front and thirteen in the back.  Daddy says all of the trees he has planted at his last three houses are his legacy.  He is never there long enough to see them grow very much, but someone will.  He's happy to have been in this house for as long as he has; the trees have definitely grown in the last seven years!  Because most of the trees aren't that big, we don't have a very large squirrel population.  What a bummer!

We do however have two things:  a wooded area across the street and a bird feeder!  Squirrels love bird seed and I love squirrels.  The squirrels that hide out in the woods are both stupid and brave.  They are stupid because there are three dawgs at my house.  They are brave because they just keep coming.  They cross the street, hop up on the fence, run along the top of the fence, and make their way onto our deck.  Once they are on the deck, they gorge themselves on birdseed.  We have a huge feeder that Daddy and Poppa made when my parents first moved in. 
I like to lie just inside the sliding door that leads to the deck.  I watch everything that goes on outside.  I become a tiny bit excited when the birds arrive to eat; I would love to catch one.  Actually when Mommy was on spring break I did bring a dead bird into the house.  She didn't notice at first.  She ran outside for a minute, and when she came back in I was standing there holding a bird in my mouth!  Mommy was shocked to say the least.  I'm not sure how she didn't notice earlier, but I had to turn it over to her after she chased me to my crate. 

Anyway, sometimes while I am lying by the door, a squirrel will appear on the feeder.  I become so excited I start whining and wagging.  Usually one of my parents will open the door to "release the beast!"  That's what they say when I go flying out.  I head straight to the steps of the deck (on the opposite side of the feeder) and hightail it to the fence.  The squirrel is usually making its way across the top of the fence back to the woods.  I haven't caught one yet, but I've come close!  I'm not sure what I'll do with it when I catch it . . .

If you need me, I'll be on squirrel patrol!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Our Princess and the Pea

For a few years now, we have owned an Orvis outdoor doggie bed.  It's a great bed because rain can come and go easily right through the bed without destroying it.  You just have to wash the cover every so often.  This bed has been wonderful for me.  I love to lie outside night and day on my cushy bed.  The only problem is that both of my sisters like to rest on my bed too.  Especially Dixie.
Recently Mommy was at an Orvis outlet and found two outdoor doggie beds for sale.  She decided to buy another bed for all of us to share.  She opted against a third figuring the chances of all three of us lying down outside at the same time was pretty slim.  She was thrilled to find the new bed, but wasn't happy about the color options for the cover.  The options offered in the catalog aren't much better.  It doesn't really matter what the covers look like because they fade terribly.  Maybe Grandma will help Mommy sew new covers out of Sunbrella fabric?  (hint, hint??)

Until this past week, the bed had been sitting outside for a couple of weeks and not one of us had been on it.  I haven't been on the bed because obviously the older and bigger bed is MINE!  I have no need for the new bed.  Jenna sniffed it out, but ignored it otherwise.  Dixie was the one who was most interested in it.  She approached the bed in tiny baby steps . . .
"Hmpf . . . there's a new bed over there."

"Yes, my hiney is touching the bed.  But that doesn't count!"

"See Jenna, this is the way you do it  . . ."

" . . . one half of your body at a time."

"I think this bed looks good on me.  What do you think?"

"This is comfie.  Perhaps Jenna needs her own bed after all . . ."
I'm sure now that Dixie has mastered the new bed, it won't be long before Jenna does too!
Here's to new favorite resting spots,

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Best (and the Oldest) May Baby!

Happy Birthday to ME!
Today is the day Mommy has been waiting for: I am officially ELEVEN years old!!!  It has been a great day!  I don't think I look a day over two!  Other than a tiny bit of gray on my chin, I am looking good!
This afternoon, Mommy gave each of us ice cream and a bone shaped cookie.  The girls had dawggie ice cream, but I received the real thing:  Breyer's vanilla.  It was even lactose free (I think that's just in case the worst happens , . . after all, I am getting OLD)!  The whole treat was delish!
Once again, Jenna swooped in for the kill.  She is seriously QUICK!!! 
Poor Dixie always misses out on the best treats. 
We looked great in our blue and green paw print party hats.  Dixie was resistant to her hat at first, but she didn't have to wear it long.  Jenna removed it with her mouth!
After eating our treats, Dixie played fetch with Mommy.  Then Mommy and I posed for pictures. 
I also helped Mommy clean up after our party . . . yum!!!
I hope Uncle Wes and Uncle Heath had a great birthday too! Here's to MANY MORE birthdays for all of us!  Woof!  Woof!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Birthday and Birthday Eve

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!  Mommy and Daddy called our grandmothers bright and early to make sure they started the day off great.  We were pretty nice to Mommy too except that Dixie kept ringing the bell constantly to go out and play.  Next year, we seriously need to think about fixing breakfast for her and serving her in bed.  That would be nice, don't you think?

Today is Poppa's birthday.  We hope he has a great one.  Dixie especially sends birthday wishes.  I think she might be his favorite grandawg.  At least she likes to think she is!  She loves to cuddle up to him whenever he sits down.  He had trouble putting on his shoes when he visited at Easter for Dixie plopping herself between his feet and expecting a tummy rub. 

Poppa sure is getting old (he'll be the big 69 this year), but that's not as old as Hunter is turning tomorrow!  In dawg years, Hunter will be the big 77!  Why do they call it dawg years?  He's only been on the planet for a mere seven years!  I mean, Hunter is the dawg, and I think he knows how to count his own years, don't you?

Happy Birthday, Poppa!

We'll see how old Hunter thinks he is tomorrow!  Three years (or 21 in dawg years) and still counting,

Friday, May 10, 2013

Dawg Years

I know some of you are wondering why Mommy has been allowing me to reminisce about my soon-to-be eleven years.  She isn't one hundred percent sure of the reason herself.  Maybe because I'm the oldest dawg she has ever had the privilege to co-habitate with.  She wants me to be around for as long as she is, but we all know dawgs don't live forever.  For that matter, neither do Mommies or Daddies!  Recently, Daddy told me he wished I could live forever.  At the same time, he also said that I should just stop breathing on him!  (I am a heavy breather sometimes.)  But enough talk about unpleasantness.  Last weekend Mommy and Daddy went through all of my pictures and found some of their favorites.  They said I could share them with you so you could see how much I have changed over the years. 

Several of Mommy's friends will tell you she likes to take pictures of herself and her friends with her camera.   One day she and I had a session that was hilarious.  We ended up with about seven decent photos.  What do you think of this one?  It really cracks my parents up!  You can tell I'm young because my head and neck are so thin.  I was about a year old at the time.  We must be related; Mommy and I both have big noses!
Say cheese!  I like cheese!

No one remembered that I used to lie all over Mommy on the sofa . . . just like Jenna!

Although I don't wear my doggles any more (a name I did NOT make up),
I am and always will be one super cool dude!
I used to do the "Superman" stretch.  That was before two ACL surgeries! 
Now I just have to watch my sisters do it!

I am the only dawg to ever set paw on Grandma's white sofa and live to tell about it!
I hope you've enjoyed traveling down memory lane with me the past few months.  I'll be sure to share pictures from my big day with you next week. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hunter's Memories: Lake Hunter

We were up early this past Saturday morning.  Mommy let Dixie and Jenna out and they wanted to PLAY!!  They came back totally soaked from the dew on the grass and had black dirt from the mulch all over their legs and bellies.  Dixie even had it on her back and head!  They were filthy, dirty dawgs!  Mommy wasn't able to take their picture because she was too worried about her carpet, but she did take a picture of the towel used to clean the girls.  Ugh!  That is some serious dirt!

All of this dirt reminds me of dirty dawg moments I used to have in Minnesota.  We were one of the first houses in a new neighborhood that connected to an older one.  The area behind our house was nothing but an empty field when my parents moved in.  By the time they moved three years later, the field had over a dozen new homes.  When construction began behind the house, there was a very low place in the corner of the yard.  We had a HUGE rock at the edge of the property as well as a blue bird house that Daddy made.  Both of these features added beautiful scenery to Lake Hunter . . . I made it look even better!

Lake Hunter wasn't a year-round part of our yard.  I mean it didn't freeze over in the winter for ice skating.  That would have been fun!  Instead, it developed when we had long, hard rains.  I used to love to "swim" and relax in Lake Hunter.  I also used to be like Dixie and addicted to tennis balls.  I would drop my tennis ball in the water just so I could retrieve it.  It used to make Mommy so mad when I was muddy (kind of like Dixie and Jenna), but she had no one to blame but herself.  It's not as if I can open the door!  Wouldn't you agree?

Lake Hunter was wonderful.  Too bad we don't have a lake in our current yard.  Or a swimming pool! Mommy doesn't want one because she knows who would be responsible for taking care of it.  Can you imagine how much dawg hair the skimmers would collect?  With three dawgs?  That would be one hairy situation!  And we'd have to keep our paws off the liner . . . that would be ruff and tuff. 

Mommy and Daddy spent a good portion of the day going through old photos of our time together.  They have about a dozen CD's full of me (and the rest of the family)!  Good times!  My eleventh birthday is one week away!  Yippee!! 

Wags and Kisses,

Sunday, May 5, 2013


WARNING: Do not read if you have a weak stomach!

Do you like pancakes?  We all do at my house!  As long as I have been alive, I have been allowed to indulge in a pancake or two whenever Mommy and Daddy have them for breakfast.  They don't make pancakes that often, but when they do I chow down. 

Daddy made Mommy pancakes this weekend.  He likes the silver dollar kind, so he made quite a few.  After they ate breakfast, he fixed six more pancakes (two for each of us).  We gladly accepted the little golden circles of yumminess and ate them in a flash.  As Mommy cleaned the kitchen, she and Daddy worked on polishing off the bacon.  Being the kind parents they are, they decided to share a few bites with us.  Dixie and I waited patiently at their feet for a scrap to be thrown our way. 

We were all enjoying the bacon tidbits until Mommy suddenly realized something really strange . . . Jenna was NO WHERE around.  Food was involved and Jenna wasn't there!?!?!?  A quick scan of the den didn't reveal where she was, so Mommy stepped out of the kitchen for a better look.  There was Jenna at the edge of the den accompanied by three piles of vomit!  Ugh!!  It was all there: her regular food and two not-so-yummy pancakes.   Thankfully Jenna had the wherewithal to hit the tile and not the carpet.  Good girl!  I guess she ate her pancakes too fast and got a little choked up.  Poor girl.

Mommy immediately began to clean up the mess as Daddy tried not to gag.  Ever since I was a puppy, Daddy has had an aversion to vomit.  I think it has something to do with the time I was sitting on Poppa's lap on the sofa and threw up right on him!!  Daddy says I'm lucky he and Poppa didn't throw up on me as a result!  If Daddy is home alone and there is an accident, he just drags out the carpet cleaner.  Mommy tells him he can't do that with the chunks, but he has proven her wrong.  Our carpet cleaner must have four wheel drive.   There is no way Daddy is touching that stuff! 

I think we all learned our lesson today.  We now know what happens when you overindulge . . . at least when Jenna overindulges! 

Happy Eating,

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Two Terrific Threes

Happy Birthday Dixie and Jenna!
Today is a great day for my sisters.  They are turning three.  Mommy is calling it the terrific threes, but that is yet to be seen in my opinion!  Mommy bought peanut butter-honey flavored ice cream and cookies shaped like cupcakes.  She fixed three plates of goodies for us (you can't leave me out just because it's not my b-day).  Mommy attempted to carry the plates outside to the deck for us to enjoy.   It didn't go as well as she wanted.  She dropped a plate and Jenna went in for the kill!  Jenna successfully snatched up one of the cookies and then went looking for more.  Thankfully, Mommy was able to save the rest of the birthday treats and put them on the table.  She intended for us to stand by the table for a photo opp, but that didn't work out . . .
Instead, she put the plates in front of our feet and stood back to take our picture.  That was the goal.
 In reality, Jenna grabbed ALL THREE scoops of ice cream before we even blinked! 
Poor Dixie.  I felt so sorry for her, but not enough to share my cookie!  She guarded her cookie fiercely after that. 
After enjoying the birthday treats, we played ball in the yard.  I'll be honest, I only fetched twice, but the girls had fun!
Dixie is definitely more of a princess than Jenna, so she has a birthday cake crown!  She tolerates it pretty well.
Jenna is our party girl, so her tiara is bedazzled with a flashy purple fringe.
You can't see it, but Jenna is currently making a move on Mommy's party hat!  After all, it is made out of paper . . .
This hat is yummy!
Dixie gives Mommy kisses.
This is what happens when you snuggle up to Jenna!  Yuck!
You can't tell it, but the "Y" in "Happy" is long gone by this point!  I guess it can't be helped.  It too was made of paper.
I hope you've enjoyed celebrating Dixie's and Jenna's birthday!  I can't wait until my big day!
Twelve more days,
PS: If you're looking for a great party tip, I suggest you use paper plates. That way, your guests can eat them after they eat the food, and you won't have any clean up!