Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!



Have a blessed Easter!
Wags and Kisses, 
Dixie and Jenna

PS:  Happy egg hunting!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Hairy Spring to You!

Happy Spring!  Although spring is a great time of year, it definitely has its disadvantages for Mommy.  This is the time of year when we are at our dirtiest and hairiest.  With those spring showers come mud puddles.  We tend to track in more dirt and mud at this time of year than any other.  We are also losing our winter coats, so we're making the house hairier than usual.  It's very frustrating for Mommy to keep the house clean.

Mommy gave us a bath recently to help with the problem.  We completely filled the drain in the shower with hair FOUR times.  Ugh!  We covered the bathroom floor with a fine layer of hair as well.  Poor Mommy looked like she had a major hormone imbalance or was turning into a werewolf with all the hair we left on her arms and legs.  Once we dried off, she took us outside and brushed us to try to remove even more hair . . .

Most of this hair is Jenna's.  For some reason, she is hairier than me.  I seriously think Mommy could brush Jenna for twenty-four hours straight and the brush would still fill up with hair!

Maybe we should try it?  If Jenna became a naked dog, then no one would have difficulty telling us apart!  Sounds like a good plan to me.

Hairy Spring to you!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

While Daddy's Away . . .

Last week, Daddy was out of town for a few days.  Apparently our world falls apart when Daddy isn't here!

The weather was FABULOUS while Daddy was away, so we were able to play outside A LOT!  Unfortunately, that's where our world started having a bit of difficulty.

First, Mommy threw my favorite toy into a tree!  She's done this before, but usually it's a short tree or it lands fairly close to the bottom of the tree.  Not this time!  And naturally, the tallest person in our family was out of town!  Mommy had to go into the garage and retrieve the telescoping light bulb changer.  It was the only item tall enough for Mommy to knock the toy down.  Mommy didn't stop long enough to take a picture (thankfully and surprisingly), but I'll show you where the toy was:

Not even five minutes later, and we had another small problem.  Mommy threw Dixie's tennis ball over the fence!  This definitely isn't the first time Mommy (or Daddy) has done this, and it's an easy fix.  The worst part of this problem is we have to listen to Dixie bark her head off until the ball is back on our side of the fence and in her mouth!

Mommy reported her short comings to Daddy.  He only asked that she please not break us while he was gone.  [sigh]  He still blames Mommy for breaking Hunter (twice).  Both times Hunter tore his ACL, Mommy was on duty.  When Dixie jumped off the table on the deck as a puppy and broke her toe, guess who was responsible for putting her up there?  Yep, Mommy!  So far I've escaped Mommy's torture, but I fear I might be broken one day too . . . accidentally, of course!  No offense, Mommy!

Daddy is back in town and all is right in the world . . . for now!  [sigh]

PS: Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Hopefully you're wearing green and won't be pinched.  Dixie and I aren't so fortunate . . .

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Cleaning

Mommy has been on a cleaning frenzy lately.  She's been cleaning house, PLUS cleaning out.  If Dixie and I aren't careful, we're going to find ourselves in the Goodwill pile.  I'm sure we'd be a great catch for anyone lucky enough to spot us, but I digress.

Recently Mommy took down a wall collage of family photos and replaced it with a new black and white print we've recently purchased.  Mommy LOVES this print although she's not sure it really goes with anything in our house.  Except us, of course.  Either Dixie or I could have posed for this artist.  You and I know it was me since I'm the one they call the Supermodel!

When Mommy took down the other pictures, she had LOTS of holes to spackle and paint over before hanging the new print.  My sister and I are so helpful to have around; we helped with the clean up. We did our best to lick up all the dust from the baseboards as a result of the sanding, and then Dixie even licked the walls!  Way to go, Sister!

I thought I was playing it cool with my clean up duties, but apparently not . . .

Mommy said I need to be more careful with my clean up process.  I already have enough gray hairs to look much older than my sister.  After my task, I looked even OLDER!

I hope your spring cleaning doesn't give you gray hairs!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What Spring?

Just when we thought spring had sprung . . .

What's wrong with this picture???  We woke up last Friday to about two inches of snow on the ground!

You might think Mommy would be happy about this, but she didn't get a snow day out of it.  She didn't even have a delayed start!  These pictures were taken as we played for a few minutes before her departure.  [sigh]

Don't be too sad for us.  It's 70 degrees here today!

Happy spring (again)!
Dixie and Jenna

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Guarding Mush

When Mommy makes her lunch in the mornings, Dixie and I sit at her feet in hopes something good will fall our way.  It usually doesn't, but every once in a while we hit the jackpot.  Last week Mommy accidentally dropped a mushroom in Dixie's direction.  Dixie grabbed it up as quickly as she could to prevent me from getting my jaws on it.  Mommy just looked at me and told me to be patient.  She knows Dixie doesn't like mushrooms, and she knows I like EVERYTHING!

At first it appeared Dixie had eaten the mushroom since it was no where to be found.  But I spied it on the floor in front of her a few minutes later when she realized it wasn't a good catch.  I lunged for the mushroom, but Dixie growled at me and scarfed it up again.  Eventually Mommy saw it lying on the floor all mushed up.  She pointed it out to me and of course, I ate it.

Later, Mommy noticed Dixie had wandered away from the lunch making counter and was acting a bit strangely.  Mommy went over to see what Dixie was up to.  Dixie was apparently still on guard duty.  There must have been another dropped mushroom because Dixie had one sitting in front of her along with her ever-present tennis ball.  Mommy decided to leave Dixie alone.  Eventually she would eat it or leave it.  A few minutes later, Dixie rang the bell to go out.  On the floor by the door was the mushroom and the tennis ball.  As Mommy proceeded to open the door for her, Dixie picked up first the mushroom and then the ball!  I didn't go outside with Dixie since potential grab-and-go food was still on the kitchen counter, so I can only wonder where the mushroom went . . . did Dixie eat it or was it dropped for the critters outside?

Inquiring minds want to know . . .

PS: We thought you might be too grossed out to see pics of the mushy mushrooms!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Can You Feel It?

Can you feel it?  Step outside and take a deep breath . . . go ahead, I'll wait.  Now can you feel it?

Spring is on its way!  For some of our readers, spring has probably already sprung, but where we live it's usually very slow to arrive.  After all, it's only the first week of March!  This time last year we were receiving another big snow storm.  Mommy personally is holding out for one more snow day this year too, but I think she's going to have to give up on that dream.  I guess I can't blame her.  It's not as if she's going to have a surprise day off for a beautiful sunny day.

This past weekend, my sister and I spent lots of time outside just soaking up the sun.

Mommy even moved our outdoor dawg beds back to the edge of the deck so we could enjoy sunning ourselves.  It felt soooooo good to sit outside in the sun.

To make herself feel good (despite longing for a snow day),  Mommy put away the last of  the snow related items and brought out all of the spring and Easter decorations.  (She even removed the scarf from Flop Ear's neck.)  Our friend Max has returned to the house for the next couple of months for an extended visit.  When Daddy came home he said there had been an Easter explosion in the house.  Mommy pointed out there was only one new item.  Apparently he hadn't noticed several items acquired over the last few years!  Men!  That's probably why Max is here.  Daddy is starting to feel outnumbered with the females in this house.  Whenever we decide to expand our family, Daddy says it will definitely need to be a male dawg.  (And yes, there has been whispered conversation about a third canine, but nothing definite is planned right now.)

I hope you're able to feel a bit of spring where you are!  Enjoy!