Sunday, January 14, 2018

Special Christmas Gifts

Mommy received a few special Christmas gifts from Daddy.  First, he gave her a new purple coffee mug with one of her favorite titles on it.  She loves what it says and the color is a bonus.  If you're interested in one for yourself, you can purchase one here.

Her big gift was even better:  watercolors paintings of US!!!  How much more pawsome can life be to see us walking around, at your feet, in your bed, and on the wall each day!  They look even better in person and these images still have the plastic wrap on them.  They are currently at the framers getting prepped for the wall. 





Which one do you like best?  Mommy changes her mind daily . . .

Good job, Daddy!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Belated Christmas Chaos

We wanted to share some of our Christmas morning chaos with you, but felt like we had to get those New Year's greetings to you first!  We had such a fun time opening gifts and enjoying all the goodies Santa Paws brought us.

We had our stockings hung in anticipation of finding lots of goodness in them the next morning.  Mommy and Daddy really struggled to find the perfect stocking for Ruger.  Hunter's, Dixie's, and Jenna's stockings have each been the pawfect choice since each of us turned out to look just like the dawg on our stockings.  Mommy finally decided to shop for a stocking that looked just like Hunter's but it apparently doesn't exist any more.  She felt like she settled on the one that's hanging here, but it was the best choice from her options.  (Then she chose the right font, but realized too late that she forgot to tell the embroidery people to put the letters of Ruger's name in all caps!  Oh well!  Only time will tell if Ruger looks like the dawg on the stocking . . .

The next morning the stockings were so full they were too heavy to hang.  We each had tennis balls, rawhide candy canes, stuffing-free critters, and more!

One of the coolest gifts we received was a sweet potato treat on a rope.  Mommy and Santa Paws thought for sure this would last a while . . . they were both WRONG!  Ruger enjoyed his treat on one of the beds in the master bedroom, while Dixie hid in her crate to eat hers!  Our parents finally had to take them away from us for fear we'd get sick from eating too much at once!

Ruger also received a new blanket.  He seems to be channeling our big brother Hunter in his love for chewing on blankets.  Mommy just buys the $5 fleece at Walmart and therefore has no regrets when it's trashed later on!

Jenna was wiser than anyone gave her credit for . . . she sat a good bit of the day waiting for more edible treats to find their way out of the stockings!

All of this opening presents is ruff work!

We hope you had a very Merry Christmas!
Dixie, Jenna & Ruger

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Happy New Year! 2018

Happy New Year!

We want to wish you belated greetings in 2018!  
(Our proofreader has gotten a little behind the past few months!)

It's technically not the start of the Chinese New Year yet, but it will be soon!  It should be a pawsome year considering it's the Year of the Dawg!  Our fortune cookie predicts good things for this year!  Only time will tell what those good things are . . . (although maybe our fortune lied since we don't think these hats are a sign of goodness!)

We spent a fairly low key evening at home being tortured by Mommy with party hats and glasses. Our parents went out for an evening of fun bowling!  They had a great time with another friend.  We'll let you guess who won . . .

We hope you have a terrific year with or without a dawg in your life!  Blessings to you and your family!

Dixie, Jenna & Ruger

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

For unto us a child is born, 
Unto us a Son is given; 
And the government will be upon His shoulder.
And His name shall be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, 
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6

May the blessings of Christmas
be with you and your family
today and always.

Dixie, Ruger, Jenna
(and our parents too!)

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Something's Missing . . .

A couple weeks ago Mommy told me she was taking me to be "fixed."  Seriously?  Am I not perfect already???  Apparently she thought not!  Hmmpff!  This is me protesting my lack of breakfast that morning.  It's ruff not eating when your siblings are pigging out. 

Fast forward eight hours and I was singing a different tune  . . .

My parents have apparently had LOTS of experience with hard plastic cones on my siblings' heads.  Mommy says they are murder on her legs as well as the doorways and furniture.  I guess I'll have to take her word for it.  I don't really think the cones I wore were a walk in the park!  Mommy purchased two different cones in anticipation of my recovery period.  This blue donut was placed around my neck when I first got home. 

It was fine . . . then I woke up and discovered I'd been permanently altered.  No amount of licking was going to bring my body back to its original condition.  So, the donut had to be switched out for the Comfy Cone!

Let me just say in case you're in the market to buy a cone for your own head, the Comfy Cone is a misnomer!  Do I look comfy????  Daddy says I look like a Jawa from the original Star Wars movie.   I don't see it . . .

My sisters were very curious about where I'd been all day and were eager to show how much they cared. 

I moped around for a day and then I was back to my usual self.  If you can call a cone on my head my usual self???

I've spent my days trying to commune with Instagram pals in other states and countries.  I keep hoping for a contact with life on Mars too . . .

Those stitches come out tomorrow and I can't wait!!!

Friday, December 15, 2017

My First Christmas [Tree]

Y'all there's a TREE in our house!  It's been a while since my parents introduced an indoor tree to a boy dawg.  Thankfully for them I haven't yet learned to lift my leg to do my business, so I don't associate trees with making a mess.  I wasn't sure what to think of the tree at first.  I had to sniff all around it to make sure it didn't pose a threat to my family.

Mommy apparently got carried away because she tried to put the lights on me too!  I wasn't impressed.

Finally, she (with Daddy's help) finished decorating the tree.  I'm still not sure why we need this in our house.  It takes up a LOT of space.  So much space that my crate had to be relocated to a new place in the house!

Here's the finished product complete with cowboy hat on top!  Mommy says they've always put an angel on top of the tree until last year when she felt a little rebellious . . . 

I'm off to enjoy my first Christmas tree . . . YEEHAW!!  (I think I saw a few sticks in there I could gnaw on . . .)

Monday, December 11, 2017

Just Call Me Punkin!

As Mommy started putting up the Christmas decorations a couple weeks ago, she realized she had a LOT of pumpkins that were still in great condition.  They had no soft spots and she felt bad about just throwing them away.  She decided to carry them to the back porch and built a lovely little (out of season) display.  Mistake #1!

I naturally discovered those pumpkins and began to carry them around the yard.  Mommy should have disposed of those pumpkins right then and there!  Mistake #2!

Instead, she sent pics to our family to point out how cute I was!  When she saw me chewing on the pumpkins, she took more pictures.  You're really not surprised are you??  She should have thrown the pumpkins away . . . Mistake #3!  See a theme developing here??

She didn't throw the pumpkins away until later that night when she realized I'd been outside by myself for a looooooong time.  She discovered this:

The pumpkins finally went into the trash with Mommy fully expecting to be up all night with my stomach . . . Lucky for her, pumpkin is good for a dawg's stomach and I had no problems at all!  If you're thinking it was a miracle, you're right!

Mommy's Little Punkin,

(At least you can't call me chunkin punkin! Ha!)

Friday, December 1, 2017

Fire in the Hole!

When I first arrived on the scene, I didn't really take notice of the hole in the wall.  Jenna's crate was out in the middle of the den since she was convalescing and needed to be where she could keep up with all of us.  (Look at how tiny I was!!)

But a few weeks ago the temperature started to drop and Daddy moved that giant medallion screen to reveal the hole.  What in the world was he doing and why did we have a hole in the wall?  If you listened carefully you could even hear the wind blowing through it . . .

Daddy said the hole is really called the fireplace and it's a favorite feature in any house for him.  As soon as it gets the least bit chilly, he loves to build a fire.  He said I have to be careful and not get too close.  He also said that wooden leaf garland Mommy has hanging over the fireplace is a fire hazard, but I'm not totally sure of what he meant.

It only took Daddy a few minutes to build a roaring fire in the hole, I mean the fireplace.  I have it on good authority (from my sisters) that Mommy takes a LOT longer to successfully build a fire and it doesn't always stay lit!  This thing called fire is amazing!  It made all kinds of cool, crackly sounds and gave off heat that kept me warm.

Once it made a loud crashing sound and I had to jump across the room to save myself!  Mommy said it was just a log shifting, but I feared there might be something more sinister in there trying to grab me.

I finally became convinced that it was okay to enjoy my usual sleeping spot in front of the hole.  Drat!  It's going to take me a little while longer to call the hole by its proper name.

If you need me I'll be curled up sleeping in front of  the fireplace!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Falling All Around

Mommy doesn't feel like she sees a big difference between seasons where we live currently.  Her favorite season is fall.  She LOVES to see the leaves on the trees change.  We get a tiny bit of that here, but we don't have many trees to begin with so her chance to enjoy fall is limited.  Back in September Mommy noticed a field of tall but small sunflowers near the house.  She started developing an idea in the back of her mind . . . Daddy hoped she'd forget about it, but she didn't.  One afternoon, she indulged her idea of a fall photo session.  She put each of us in the car one at a time and drove to the nearby spot in three consecutive trips.  Each trip was unique just like us!

Although we're already moving into the Christmas season, it's technically still fall for a few more weeks!  Enjoy!