Friday, July 28, 2017

Let Sleeping Dawgs Lie [Jenna]

My brother Ruger is definitely making himself at home.  In order to understand this post, you might need some background information.  To make me feel more a part of the family as I was in solitary confinement after my surgery, Mommy placed my crate in the family room in front of the fireplace.  I can see all the goings and doings from here.  But technically, this isn't MY crate; it's Ruger's!

Mommy purchased a new crate for Ruger that is slightly larger than mine and Dixie's because she says Ruger will be bigger than we are eventually.  I'm not sure I believe that yet.  Only time will tell.  But as all good dawg moms know, she couldn't put little bitty Ruger in this huge crate or he'd make a total mess in there and not learn to use the potty outside!  For whatever reason (probably a good sale price because Mommy loves a bargain), Ruger's crate didn't come with a divider for puppy training.  My crate came with a divider when it was purchased several years ago and Mommy actually knew where she had stored the divider!  So . . . to make a long story even longer, I'm sleeping in Ruger's new crate temporarily to give me more room to maneuver inside and Ruger's in mine until he no longer needs a divider.  Are you confused yet??

I tell you all this because I think Ruger KNOWS this crate is his . . . 

He's been trying to hop in and be close to me since day one.  

The past few weeks Mommy's been allowing me to have a few more liberties as my ACL has been healing and my leg's been growing stronger.  She is no longer locking the door and it stays open most of the time so I can walk in and out freely.  Unfortunately, this means Ruger can walk in and out freely too!

He's started joining me every evening when he's ready to nap.  Why?  Why me???

And even worse, he goes in there during the day all by himself!  Who does he think he is????

Do you see why I think Ruger KNOWS this is his crate???  Or maybe, and this is even weirder, maybe he just wants to spend time with me?  Could this be his way of bonding with me since I can't run around like Dixie?

Hmmmm . . . something to ponder,

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